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data screen gibberish
by Mike Sullivan 11 years ago
Does anyone have any good recipes to make data screen gibberish that you might see on a computer screen in a sci-fi movie or CSI-type show It doesn't really mean anything, but just looks cool.
Re: data screen gibberish
by Daniel Linge 11 years ago
i sometimes use song lyrics. its just the right size for computer read outs. -DanExecutive Producer*BT-TV*LateNite Sudios
Viens House particular
by Daniel Linge 11 years ago
ok so i was wondering how i would be able to do this effect with particular http: i33.photobucket.com albums d68 SthrnBabii09 house2.jpg from wut i can gather they have like 20 particles with an aux p
AE Mac Plugins
by Daniel Linge 11 years ago
so i just got after effects on my mac and everything is pretty much the same execpt the plugins. when ever i put in a plugin in to the plugin folder like trapcode or twitch when i start the program an
Re: AE Mac Plugins
by Richard Harrington 11 years ago
Some manufacturers will let you download Mac version and use same serial number...Richard M. Harrington, PMP Author: Photoshop for Video, Understanding Adobe Photoshop, and ATS:iWork
wordpress blog??????
by Daniel Linge 12 years ago
ok so i am very very new to the whole web design thing and i finally got my website together and i signed up for a wordpress blog. but when i view the site it has a diffrent header and everything. so
Unable to burn dvd
by Daniel Linge 12 years ago
every time i try to burn my dvd in encore it pops up with a message saying ERROR SETTING UP TRANSCODER. what does this mean and how can i fix it did i forget to do something in the program
Where'd that scratchy grundge go?
by malcolm DeSoto 12 years ago
Hey, a while ago Andrew Kramer had a tut on adding grundge scratches to your project. He had an actual clip of an old projector that you could dl. That tutorial seems to have since, vanished. Anyone k
Re: Where'd that scratchy grundge go?
by Daniel Linge 12 years ago
hey the tut is still there http: www.videocopilot.net tutorials.html id=57 just download the project and its in there under footage-DanExecutive Producer*BT-TV*LateNite Sudios
down snow
by Daniel Linge 12 years ago
does anyone know how to make a particle system with a snow like effect but going down. in other words the source is behind the camera going to the pov of the camera. -DanExecutive Producer*BT-TV*LateN
Re: down snow
by Steve Roberts 12 years ago
Trapcode's Particular would do it.
Under a gig movie?
by Daniel Linge 12 years ago
what are the best settings to render at if i want the video to look ok but the file has to be under a gig. it is a 9 1 2 min video. -DanExecutive Producer*BT-TV*LateNite Sudios
Re: Under a gig movie?
by John Spencer 12 years ago
Hope this helps. http: www.videocopilot.net blog p=18%2520 -Spence.
by Daniel Linge 12 years ago
ok so i open a new comp and i have no soilds in the comp at all but the defalut color of the comp background is like a navy blue. i click the transparency button and it turns clear. it just looks real
by Darby Edelen 12 years ago
The shortcut combo to set the background color is shift-cmd-b (shift-ctrl-b on PC).Darby EdelenDesignerLeft Coast DigitalSanta Cruz, CA
Jerky camera effect
by Joe Randazzo 12 years ago
Hi guys. There was a tutorial floating out there about how to create that jerky camera look that's pretty popular right now. I remember there being some paint splats or something to that effect and so
Re: Jerky camera effect
by Daniel Linge 12 years ago
a really easy way is to use the wiggle expression. there is a tutorial by andrew kramer at http: www.videocopilot.net tutorials.html id=55 -DanExecutive Producer*BT-TV*LateNite Sudios
by Daniel Linge 12 years ago
does anyone know of a good in-depth shatter tutorial i just want to learn all i can about it cuz its an awesome plugin.-DanExecutive Producer*BT-TV*LateNite Sudios
by Roland R. Kahlenberg 12 years ago
I've done a couple of Shatter tutorials for the COW, including 3D logos and text (at least a couple of years earlier than that Chad wannabe). And there have been lots of posts on Shatter in days and y
cs3 to 7.0
by Daniel Linge 12 years ago
anyone know how to take a cs3 project file and make it a 7.0 file-DanExecutive Producer*BT-TV*LateNite Sudios
Re: cs3 to 7.0
by sam moulton 12 years ago
there's a complex procedure detailed at generalspecialist.com where you have to copy and paste keyframe data, open the data in a text editor, change things, then paste in the previous version. This me
How do I make a transition like Texas Chainsaw Massacre
by David Del 12 years ago
http: youtube.com watch v=bm5iet9oHBk at about 1:19 or so, they transition between scenes with that eerie photography type shot with high pitch noise. How can I do that transition with AE It looks lik
Re: How do I make a transition like Texas Chainsaw Massacre
by Daniel Linge 12 years ago
another way to do this is to use the effect called exposure. just keyframe it up and it should get the the same effect your looking for. -Dan
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