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Video Rendering in Final Cut Express
by Daniel Frost 5 years ago
Hi, I need some help resolving some issues with rendering in Final Cut Express. I have 2 hours of footage that I need to view within Final cut however it requires rendering, when i try and render it t
Re: Video Rendering in Final Cut Express
by Shane Ross 5 years ago
If you put footage into the timeline, and you cannot play it without rendering...that's Clue #1 that something is wrong. For you shouldn't need to do this at all...if you are doing things right. Final
Moving shapes
by Daniel Frost 7 years ago
Hello, As part of my job I have to start editing some basic CCTV footage (data protection - nothing dodgy!) and I have got a copy of Adobe Premiere Elements 10 to do this. I know this forum is for Pre
Re: Moving shapes
by Jeff Greenberg 7 years ago
Sadly, this forum is for Adobe Premiere Pro pro - I don't think there is a forum at the cow for Adobe Premiere elements. What you want to do is either be able to keyframe the position or track the und
Dual Input Microphone into Mac
by Daniel Frost 8 years ago
Hi, I am sure I am asking a very basic and easy question and so can only apoligise for that but I have a microphone which has dual left right input connections however the socket of my iMac (12mths ol
Re: Dual Input Microphone into Mac
by Daniel Frost 8 years ago
Hi, Sorry the microphone is an audio-technica stereo condenser microphone (model: ATR6250) and my system is an iMac (model identifier: iMac11,2) running OSX with a 3.06 GHz Intel Core i3 processor. I
Problem with Vegas!!! I DON't KNOW WHAT IS HAPPENING!!
by Joe Conrad 8 years ago
I don't understand why this is happening i have disabled resample and everything, yet still stupid lines would be greatly appreciated
Re: Problem with Vegas!!! I DON't KNOW WHAT IS HAPPENING!!
by Daniel Frost 8 years ago
Hi, I have had a similar problem just recently although whilst working with Final Cut, anytime the camera moved or there was sharp movement on screen these lines would appear. The problem I had was wi
by Tom Hunter 9 years ago
I created a video using a Flash Card in my Canon EOS SLR 1D Mark IV. If I import the MOV file into Sony Vegas 8, I get audio but the video is more like a slide show. Is there a more effective way to i
Re: MOV-SFK Files
by Daniel Frost 9 years ago
I'm not famililar with the camera you are using, but I've used the free program MPEG Streamclip (http: www.squared5.com ). Usually I use it convert any video file not completely compatible with Vegas
Canon Legria microphone
by Daniel Frost 9 years ago
Hi, I currently have a Canon Legria FS200 camera and I am looking at buying an external microphone for an upcoming project (including interviews). I have found these microphones but I am concerned the
Shutdown PC after Render
by Paul Gregory 9 years ago
Some renders can take a very long time. Is it possible to set the program so that your PC shuts done once the rendering is finished Thanks in advance
Re: Shutdown PC after Render
by Daniel Frost 9 years ago
I haven't tried the batch render + shutdown one, but if I know how long it will take to render (for me and my snail of a computer 10mins will take around 3-4hrs! !) I use a freeware program called han
Video File size
by Hugo Sanchez 9 years ago
Hello , i'm new to vegas 6.0, i need,help. I open an mpeg file with ize of 100megs (35 mins), and cut out about 10 minutes worth of video, and when i redner it turns into a 6 GB file please help. I kn
Re: Video File size
by Daniel Frost 9 years ago
What kind of video type are you rendering to File types like avi will be very large, try rendering to MP4 or WMV, they generally have higher compression so smaller file size but are still good quality
Canon Legria FS200 assistance needed
by Daniel Frost 9 years ago
Hello, I understand this may be a completely amateurish question I'm asking and the answer may be right in front of my eyes but I can't for the life of my figure it out. I have recently been bought a
Re: Canon Legria FS200 assistance needed
by Brian Louis 9 years ago
< if I record in 4:3 but if I record in widescreen it then squashes the image into 4:3 ratio, how can I change this < You are using a DV PAL camcorder, all DV whether standard or widescreen is i
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