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AVID wont re-link
by Daniel Armstrong 10 years ago
I am editing in An academic version of Avid Media composer for Mac. I keep my media on an external hard drive which I had partitioned into two drives. I decided yesterday to de-partition that drive, w
Re: AVID wont re-link
by Daniel Armstrong 10 years ago
I actually tried that at the advice of another user. it worked, in that it did rebuild the files, but it still wouldn't reconnect the offline media. thanks tho.
Bad memory?
by Daniel Armstrong 10 years ago
My compute, a 2.1 ghz G5 crashes continually, but never at the same time and during different tasks. I think it might be bad memory. I reinstalled everything yesterday. here is the kern panic report a
Re: Bad memory?
by Zane Barker 10 years ago
Could be ram but that panic log is pointing to the CPU so it could also be a bad CPU. Daniel Armstrong "My compute, a 2.1 ghz G5" That machine is got to be about 6 years old. You could try some new ra
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