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I am a make-up artist in beauty and special effects. I have been doing make-up for over 10 years. I do all sorts of gigs from television, motion pictures, indepent films (My favorite), photo shoots, commericals and so forth. Whatever someone wants to... [more]
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November 4th 2007
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Salt Lake City, Ut.
In the year 2015
by Stephen Smith 11 years ago
I was watching Back to the Future 2 the other day, I'm very excited because the year 2015 is not that far away and we'll have flying cars then. Stephen Smith Money Making Graphics & Effects for Final
Re: In the year 2015
by Dan Smith 10 years ago
That's funny Steve, I am exited about 2015 as well. I hope we have flying cars that would be cool, and a hover board. I always wanted one of those. You know that. Man I love those movies. Wish I had t
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