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Render Issue
by Dan Sherman 8 years ago
Refining project. Early version rendered OK, but adding Black Restore FX to opening sequence ends render right off the top. Screen goes black, and that trouble report window comes up. I have 16 GBs of
Re: Render Issue
by John Rofrano 8 years ago
What version of Vegas If it's Vegas Pro 11.0, try turning of GPU acceleration for playback (under Options Preferences Video) and see if that helps. Sometimes the accelerated FX have a few bugs that st
MPEG2 Render Issue
by Dan Sherman 8 years ago
Near end of 30 minute project, flicking in and out of black. Any thoughts Thanks Dan Sherman
Re: MPEG2 Render Issue
by Dan Sherman 8 years ago
Did the cut and paste thing as suggested. From Vegas 11 to 10. Had to rebuild all the track FX as you warned. Also last week downloaded Beta driver for video card. That may have been the issue as test
Syncing Audio for Multicam editing
by Don Cobble 8 years ago
I have the audio tracks lined up (almost). I have one track that is at the beginning of a frame and the other is at the end of the same frame. Is there any way to nudge the tracks to match when I move
Re: Syncing Audio for Multicam editing
by Dan Sherman 8 years ago
Buy Pluraleyes. Dan Sherman
DV Capture
by Dan Sherman 8 years ago
Using a Sony Handycam to capture old footage from DV tapes. Done this many, many times before with no issues, but not recently. This time VidCap in both Vegas 10 and 11 fails to recognize the camera,
Re: DV Capture
by Nigel O'Neill 8 years ago
Dan Or a fried firewire board in the camera computer. If you have another computer and find the camera is recognised, your cable or firewire port in the computer may be damaged. If the camera is not b
.MOV render settings?
by Dan Sherman 8 years ago
With a goal of keeping size to a minimum, quality to the maximum while retaining the alpha channel (green screen shoot) what would you render to Editor needs footage with green screen and edits in FCP
Re: .MOV render settings?
by Dan Sherman 8 years ago
To clarify, I am sending the raw footage to an editor who cuts in FCP. I usually courier on an external HDD. The question relates to ways to render the footage to a smaller file while retaining qualit
How to make a blinking effect?
by Adrian Mildonni 8 years ago
I shot a video in first person view and was wondering if anybody know how to make it look like the video is waking up. I want it to open it's 'eyes' slightly, close them, open them a bit more, close t
Re: How to make a blinking effect?
by Dan Sherman 8 years ago
Super isntructions for viewer to blink. This will save you time and the project becomes interactive. Just a suggestion. Dan Sherman
Dan Sherman 8 years ago
Recenlty made the move to Windows 7. Since then, been unable to get audio to play from any source. On Vegas 10 timeline I can se VU metre responding, but can't nmonitor it.
Havd M-Audio Delta 44 exernal sound card. Anything obvious here that I am missing?
Portable Backdrops
by Brad Holland 12 years ago
I need to purchase a backdrop for talking heads-style interviews and I would love to find something that's small and somewhat portable, as I will probably be traveling some and my "studio" is actually
Re: Portable Backdrops
by Dan Sherman 12 years ago
Just completed a series of talking head interviews using black velvet as a backdrop. Worked great, no shine and doesn't wrinkle that easily. Best if not lit, but you'll figure that out. Bought it at a
Logo Design Help
by Tim Tschudin 12 years ago
I'm having trouble getting started with designing my logo. So I thought that I would check to see if anyone here has worked with a good logo design company. Thanks.Tim T Fence Post Creative Omaha, NE
Re: Logo Design Help
by Dan Sherman 12 years ago
What you don't want to do is "throw something together". Your logo is you identity and should be chosen with care. Hire an expert, and cheap out on other stuff, Even if it's a word logo have it done r
Learning FCP
by Dan Sherman 14 years ago
Been editing with Sony Vegas for the past 3 years. Am seriously considering getting a MAC and learning FCP. Vegas is only NLE I've ever worked with. Grew out of Sound Forge. Did some once removed over
Re: Learning FCP
by Jerry Hofmann 14 years ago
Once you've learned any NLE, the next is a LOT easier than the first. Vegas isn't as close to running FCP as Avid's software, however the learning curve for FCP is lot lower than for Premiere or for A
Should I change the name?
by Larry Melton 14 years ago
Hello: I own and operate a small midwestern production house. We shoot, edit, do motion graphics, just like many of you out there. We have a studio and some rental equipment including teleprompters an
Re: Should I change the name?
by Dan Sherman 14 years ago
Your company is already "branded" since you've been in business that long. When people see your company name they associate it with the firm that does a lot of training stuff, or commercial stuff, or
Dead headphones problem
by Steve McMahon 14 years ago
Headphones died during a take. Replaced headphones, two different pair, still no audio coming from headphone jack at back of camera (under rubberized cover along with Cam Remote jack). In playback (VT
Re: Dead headphones problem
by Dan Sherman 14 years ago
On top of camera are audio plus and minus settings. Now at first glance it looks like gain in at maximum setting with horizontal dashes. But hold that plus button down firmly,---and you will see that
Developing a Script from an existing course
by galt 14 years ago
We are developing a video following an existing course, currently done with Powerpoint slides, still pictures, and a lot of Q&A. This class segment is usually 30 minutes and they have three instructor
Re: Developing a Script from an existing course
by Dan Sherman 14 years ago
Struggled through a recent project for a construction company that is adding LCD screens to fast food drive-throughs and interior menu boards. Sounds simple,---right Quoted the job. Client signed back
Day in the life of a medical surgeon.....ANY IDEAS?
by Skipno 14 years ago
Hi all, I've been hired to produce a "Day in the Life" video for a medical surgeon who will retire very shortly. My contact, the surgeon's daughter, wants me to videotape him in the operating room and
Re: Day in the life of a medical surgeon.....ANY IDEAS?
by Dan Sherman 14 years ago
Have a look at some of Marco Greenberg's Reel Biography samples. I find them stylish and inspiring. I'm not talking about a rip off of his style,---but viewing this stuff may serve as a catylist for y
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