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DP Available (non-union)
by Dan Parsons 9 years ago
Reel: http: www.signaturelight.com (All content 35mm, 4K, and HD) Resume: http: www.signaturelight.com resume dan_parsons_dp.pdf Recent Commercial Work: http: www.emirates.com meetdubai
DOP - RED Camera
by Joy Augustine 10 years ago
Need a BRILLIANT DOP for a low budget BIG feature to be shot in and around Boston NY this september on the RED Cam.
Re: DOP - RED Camera
by Dan Parsons 10 years ago
I would like to be considered for the Director of Photography position for your feature. Below are links to my website and reel as well as a link to my IMDB page and a recent interview in which I disc
Ultimate sample typical contract for newbies
by Mark Suszko 10 years ago
Template contract for typical beginners. Modify to your specific needs. I, (name here) henceforth to be referred to as "the dummy", will contract to work on your ill-defined project for an unspecified
Katya Austin liked this 7 years ago
Re: Ultimate sample typical contract for newbies
by Dan Parsons 10 years ago
Exactly! Which is why you need to refer to the following insightful article: http: magazine.creativecow.net article clients-or-grinders-understanding-the-three-market-types www.signaturelight.com
Infos upon the Panasonic Hvx201 and Hpx171
by Daniele Massa 10 years ago
Hi guys, i am an indipendent filmmaker low budget and need to upgrade from sd to Hd. I was interested in buying panasonic 201 but though there was no (at least little) difference between the two mode
Re: Infos upon the Panasonic Hvx201 and Hpx171
by Dan Parsons 10 years ago
The HPX171 also has an HD SD-SDI output terminal. www.signaturelight.com
DP in Los Angeles
by Dan Parsons 10 years ago
(Super) 35mm, (Super) 16mm, RED ONE, HD, and 24p experience. Over 80 shooting credits on features, documentaries, commercials, pilots, music videos, and short films. Digital Intermediate experience in
Director of Photography
by Dan Parsons 11 years ago
Whether your project calls for film or digital, I shoot everything from Super 35mm to 24p and everything in between - with quite a bit of experience with the new Red One camera. View my reel and an ab
Premiere Pro 2.0 and P2/.mxf
by Dan Parsons 13 years ago
I was unable to find any reference to native P2 .mxf support for Premiere Pro 2.0 on Adobe's website. With the introduction of Panasonic's new HVX200 and other cameras using the P2 format, has Adobe m
Re: Premiere Pro 2.0 and P2/.mxf
by HHV_Pro 13 years ago
AS a long time premiere loyalist, It's a big disappointment that ver 2.0 doesn't support P2, DVCPro50 100 natively. I was really hoping that Adobe would give us some clear indication instead of market
HVX200 Editing Workflow for PC
by Dan Parsons 14 years ago
I'm curious what file types will be on the P2, say for the DVCPro50 and DVCPro100 footage - and will these be compatible with existing PC NLEs such as Premiere Pro Does anyone know of published articl
Re: HVX200 Editing Workflow for PC
by Shane Chadder 14 years ago
But an SDI DVCproHD dub will degrade the picture. Ony a firewire dub will keep the integrity of the footage. Right If you feel you need to go to HD100 tape dub from your camera firewire to an HD1200
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