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Happy Birthday
by Roger Burton 8 years ago
Hi chaps I've been lurking around here since '99 when I found myself in the graphics department of a regional TV station in southern England, I'd worked for the company before, in the late 60s, but af
Re: Happy Birthday After Effects
by Dan Nocera 8 years ago
After Effects will always be my favorite piece of software because it is the one piece of software that has vividly shown me the effects of Moore's law through a simple render test. . . I have been us
ProRes 422 project is half a terabyte!
by Steve Cornell 11 years ago
I decided to capture all my files as ProRes 422 and the completed project is 427GB! I can't work continue to work this way. Are there better import settings to reduce project size and maintain quality
Re: ProRes 422 project is half a terabyte!
by Dan Nocera 11 years ago
If you're shooting with a Z1u -HDV Codec (25Mbps) and a GH1- AVCHD Codec (17Mbps) then you don't need to transcode to the full pro res codec, especially the HQ version - unless you plan on doing heavy
Client hired a new company and wants the source files
by Dan Nocera 11 years ago
I did a freelance marketing video for a company about 2 years ago. I get call last week that I need to send a dvd master for replication to another production company out of state. I make the dvd and
Re: Client hired a new company and wants the source files
by Milton Hockman 11 years ago
you should definitely communicate with your client and ask "why they want the files." maybe they'll tell you, maybe they wont. But all previous posters make great points. You should inform the client
Frame Rate & Frame Size help
by Jay Mitra 11 years ago
Hi, Ive been filming and editing for a while now without proper knowledge of camera frame rates. I'm in dire need of advice. Just recently we shot a speedboarding race. We used two Sony HD camera's an
Re: Frame Rate & Frame Size help
by Dan Nocera 11 years ago
If you're shooting sports the higher the framerate, the smoother the motion will look. Most video clips on the web are either 30P(Actually 29.97), 25p or 24P(Actually 23.98). High end HD cameras can a
Weird little playback bug
by Michael Black FCP 11 years ago
So I've got a dual quad-core Xeon Mac Pro with 8 GB of RAM and two 30" Apple Displays. What I've been doing is putting my Browser, Viewer, and Timeline on my left screen and playing my Canvas on the r
Re: Weird little playback bug FIX
by Dan Nocera 11 years ago
I've had to replace library quicktime DesktopVideoOut.component (updated version 1.2.6) on both an OCTO mac and my Macbook Pro after running the Pro Applications Update 2009-01. Just know that after y
Young filmmaker needs help with 30P
by Teague Fleury 11 years ago
Here's what i need help with. Keep in mind that my technical experience is limited. I have finished shooting a documentary and now have 60+ DV tapes of footage. I shot on two separate cameras, a Canon
Re: Young filmmaker needs help with 30P
by Dan Nocera 11 years ago
If Teague shot in HDV isn't the regular Pro Res codec even over-kill I thought the new Pro Res LT was the best choice for transcoding from HDV because its just about double the bit rate of HDV - 50Mbi
ichat weirdness
by Michael Heldman 11 years ago
Has anyone else had this problem ... Using the new FCP 7 "share" feature to show the timeline to someone at another location. I initiate a video ichat. All works as it's supposed to: I see the other p
Re: ichat weirdness
by Dan Nocera 11 years ago
I was experimenting with ichat theater feature last night and found that you need to launch ichat first and connect to your buddy. Then launch FCP and start sharing. I had problems when I tried doing
FCP Blu-ray authoring initial thoughts
by Dan Nocera 11 years ago
Got a chance to output onto to blu-ray this week. Thought I'd share them because there's not much technical info out there yet. I had two HD projects I needed to output for a HD screening with both pl
Re: FCP Blu-ray authoring initial thoughts
by Dan Nocera 11 years ago
I used the new "share" command in Final Cut Studio 3. Final Cut Studio 3 includes Final Cut 7 and Compressor 3.5. which let you now output blu-ray discs through the "Share" commmand and with Compresso
Does Apple Trackpad Update fix SxS driver on new MBP
by olof ekbergh 12 years ago
Has anyone tried installing SxS driver after Trackpad update And did that fix conflict I will give it a shot later this week, just wondering if anyone tried yet.Olof Ekbergh
Updated SxS Driver for MacBook Pro (Late 2008)
by Dan Nocera 12 years ago
I guess they did come out with a driver update. . . I just couldn't find it Try here. http: www.sony.ca promedia drivers.htm At the bottom of this page it says "The New MacBook Pro released after Octo
Bizarre glitching in FCP Part Deux
by aaronjohnson 15 years ago
H'lo again! To summarize the problems I've been having, I'll paste in my original post: I'm having some craaazy glitches in Final Cut Pro. We shot on 16mm and transferred to DVCPro NTSC. The source ma
Re: Bizarre glitching in FCP Part Deux
by Dan Nocera 15 years ago
Did the transfer house give you the the transfered footage dv on tapes or did you get it on a hard drive as quicktime files DV footage should always be 720X480. You said it was listed in a browser as
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