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Looping a road
by Jemma Ridley 3 years ago
Hi. I'm very new to AE but getting there slowly thanks to the wealth of helpful stuff here! I wanted to use a 3D graphic of a road going off into the distance but make a seamless loop so it looks like
Re: Looping a road
by Dan Johnson 3 years ago
Take a look at this tutorial. I think it will get you on the right path for creating an endless road look: http: cgi.tutsplus.com tutorials how-to-create-never-ending-z-depth-in-ae--ae-9446
Animating 2D car movement
by Aleksandar LJubomirovic 3 years ago
Hi everyone I have question about how to animate car movement on flat surface (2D animation) to act more natural. For example to act in accordance with terrain on which is being move. Here is example
Re: Animating 2D car movement
by Dan Johnson 3 years ago
I think this tutorial on creating a vehicle ( car ) rig will help you create a cool car animation: https: library.creativecow.net articles larsen_carl vehicle_rig.php
Netflix 2016 line up so far
by Dan Johnson 3 years ago
Netflix will release more new programing this year then many of the big broadcasters. In their conference call they said that they will release I believe it was 600 hours of new original content this
Re: Netflix 2016 line up so far
by Steve Connor 3 years ago
Scott Roberts " I have several episodes of the new seasons of Better Call Saul and Walking Dead saved up that I haven't touched" I've just caught up with "Better Call Saul" and I have to say it's wor
Broadcast Safe
by Dan Johnson 3 years ago
I only work on projects for the web, but need to get a project broadcast safe so this is new ground for me. I watched this tutorial: https: www.youtube.com watch v=XSA_o1ojrZc The tutorial goes over w
Re: Broadcast Safe
by Dan Johnson 3 years ago
Thanks for your help. Just for clarification since I'm feeling out of my league. On the Waveform monitor noting can go above 1000 right What about 0 Attached is a still grab from my Waveform monitor.
Create a look
by Dan Johnson 6 years ago
I'm looking for a tutorial or advice on how to create a look like this: http: vimeo.com 68541015 It looks like they took down the blacks and added some sort of a light blue tint. Does this look have a
Re: Create a look
by james Lackleter 6 years ago
Well there's a couple different grades going on. The sunset with the girl has a very slight blue tint added to the blacks and orange added to mids and highlights. The blacks are definitely not crushed
Video monitoring and T2i
by Rusty Shackleford 8 years ago
How can I monitor video in the T2i as well record I tested with an HDMI from camera to TV, but I only get a signal to the TV, the signal doesn't show on the camera when attached to TV. Brandon Morris
Re: Video monitoring and T2i
by Dan Johnson 8 years ago
I've read the with the HDMI to monitor set up the quality of the video on the monitor looks terrible once you hit the record button. Is that true
Quick way to learn Motion
by jeff weiser 8 years ago
I'm new to Motion. What's the best way to learn Is the Apple Peachpit Press book the quickest I need to get up and running quickly. I need to edit a spot that has multiple boxes of video appearing and
Re: Quick way to learn Motion
by Dan Johnson 8 years ago
I recommend the COW s Master Series DVDs. It was very helpful. Check out Moving with Motion here: http: store.creativecow.net p 78 moving_with_motion
Photo Montage
by Dan Johnson 8 years ago
What is the best way to do a photo montage
Re: Photo Montage
by Stephen Smith 8 years ago
iPhoto does a really good job at photo montages. Click here: http: www.apple.com ilife iphoto and go down to the "New Slideshows" section. Stephen Smith Utah Video Productions Check out my Motion Trai
Where is the best place to follow the supermeet reveal in real time?
by Mark Suszko 8 years ago
Will somebody be relaying and reposting the info from the event in real time to this forum or something I don't have Twitter.
Re: Where is the best place to follow the supermeet reveal in real time?
by Dan Johnson 8 years ago
When can we purchase it I don't see it up on Apple's web site.
Need some critiques...
by Sam Lesante Jr. 9 years ago
Hi Fellow Cows, I would like some critiques on my very first pilot of my very first reality show. Don't hold back, give me the good, bad and the ugly :) Here's the link http: ssptv.com show.php show_i
Re: Need some critiques...
by Dan Johnson 9 years ago
I think it was cool. Good job. I think with it being bikers in all it could be a little more high energy, what I mean is shots like the store front can be fast moving wipe out zoom to show sign type o
New to Motion - any advice on...
by Tom Laughlin 9 years ago
Hey everyone, fyi: I don't have my lynda.com membership renewed yet, and was wondering in the world of "free", it there are some cool sites that may have on-line video tutorials on using "Motion", as
Re: New to Motion - any advice on...
by Dan Johnson 9 years ago
lynda.com's Motion training is super basic. I didn't learn a lot. I would go with Moving with Motion. By the time you watch everything you'll feel like a Motion wizard.
Export is transparent
by Bryce Douglass 9 years ago
Hello, I am trying to make a basic logo for a video and when I export it with no transparency and send it to final cut pro 7 it is transparent. It's not supposed to be transparent. It also gives me bl
Re: Export is transparent
by Dan Johnson 9 years ago
In order to make the export transparent export out as Quicktime Animation set to Millions Color +. Or Pro Res 444. They are the only video codecs that support transpancy. You can also just bring the p
Replacing dropped frames
by Clinton Rocksmith 9 years ago
Hi there, I'm trying to figure out how to cut out a frame that did not record properly and replace it with one that the computer generates based on the frames before it and after it. Similar to the wa
Re: Replacing dropped frames
by Dan Johnson 9 years ago
You can cut a frame off by using the split feature, it will spilt your clip in half and then you get the frame you don't want out. Add the disolve behavior for the 1 frame blend. I think no one will n
Beginner to Motion
by Donald Schmidt 9 years ago
what is the Best way to go about Learning Motion on ones own. i am a Total beginner to Motion and the Final Cut Studio.
Re: Beginner to Motion
by Dan Johnson 9 years ago
Moving with Motion here on the COW is awsome. Worth every cent.
Happy New 2010
by zak peric 10 years ago
I just wanted to say Happy New Year to all members of Apple Motion Forum. May you all have a fantastic new 2010. Zak Peric
Re: Happy New 2010
by Dan Johnson 10 years ago
Write On effect with fonts
by Steve Kirkham 10 years ago
Hi All Can anyone point me to a tutorial that shows how to use Motions Paint Write on Effect to write text on to the screen. I found one that showed how to use my own handwriting to do but I really wa
Re: Write On effect with fonts
by Dan Johnson 10 years ago
Don't forget to make the paint stroke white.
Compressor Softness
by Dan Johnson 10 years ago
I just upgraded from Final Cut Studio 2 to the newest version. I compress my videos as H264. It worked great, now it seems soft and I have to double the data rate to get it to work. Any idea as to wha
Re: Compressor Softness
by John Fishback 10 years ago
What's your workflow We need more info to help. John MacPro 8-core 2.8GHz 8 GB RAM OS 10.5.5 QT7.5.5 Kona 3 Dual Cinema 23 ATI Radeon HD 3870, 24" TV-Logic Monitor, ATTO ExpressSAS R380 RAID Adapter,
Avid MXF files in FCP2
by Dan Nethery 11 years ago
Does anyone know how to get avid MXF files to work in FCP2 Thanx, dan...
Re: Avid MXF files in FCP2
by Dan Johnson 10 years ago
So Automatic Duck doesn't let you work with the MXF clips in a FCP timeline
Adjusting Clips Speed
by Dan Johnson 11 years ago
I want to adjust the clip's speed in the time line. Page 350 of the manual says I can press and hold down the Option key over the the start or end of the clip. I get the slip tool instead. If I'm on t
Re: Adjusting Clips Speed
by Jeff Greenberg 11 years ago
Try it in the mini timeline (at the bottom of the screen), not the full timeline. Alternatively, go to the properties, timing pane and adjust it there.Best, Jeff G Principal Instructor Future Media Co
P2 nothingness
by Dan Johnson 11 years ago
Just upgraded to FCS 6.0.2 and I can't see my P2 footage in the logging window. Is there some setting I messed up
Re: P2 nothingness
by Dan Johnson 11 years ago
Thanks Shane!!!
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