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If last line empty - use previouse one
by Kirill Komrakov 4 days ago
Hey guys. I need some help figuring out how write it. I have a bullet list with 9 lines of text. What i am trying to write is an expression to find last line which is empty based on .height and use pr
Re: If last line empty - use previouse one
by Dan Ebberts 2 days ago
I haven't tested this, so watch for typos, but something like this should work up to 99: function pad(n){ return (n < 10 "0" : "") + n; } var maxNonEmpty = 0; for (i = 1; i <= 15; i++) { var ele
Move and Trim according to markers - AE scripting
by Jacob Thorup 3 days ago
I know this is going to be something simple, but I'm having trouble getting the time value for a layer marker. I have 300 plus videos that I need to add disclaimers and other titles to. My plan is to
Re: Move and Trim according to markers - AE scripting
by Dan Ebberts 3 days ago
Use keyTime() instead of keyValue().time Dan
Compare sourceText
by Avinash Ramanath 4 days ago
Is there a way to compare source text of the current layer with the text layer of another comp. I need to use this information to control some keyframe values currently am using the below method but n
Re: Compare sourceText
by Dan Ebberts 4 days ago
I think you just need to add .value when you reference the text. I'd do it like this: var chkText = comp("Comp 1").layer("Line_1")("ADBE Text Properties")("ADBE Text Document").value; text.sourceText.
Right angled Labels in expressions
by Adam Zygadlo 4 days ago
Hey there, Is it possible to use expressions to make right angle graphics I will explain in detail below. Recently, I have decided to update the information labels that I use for my client projects an
Re: Right angled Labels in expressions
by Dan Ebberts 4 days ago
Something like this maybe: a = thisComp.layer("A").position; c = thisComp.layer("C").position; d = a - c; x = Math.abs(d 1 )*Math.tan(Math.PI 4); a 0 -x,c 1 Dan
Infographics chart. Changing position depending on value.
by Dean Mallory 6 days ago
Hey everyone, It is my first post here. I'm trying to manage horizontal chart in after effects. I've downloaded a project, where everything is set, except changing bar's position, if its' value become
Re: Infographics chart. Changing position depending on value.
by Dan Ebberts 5 days ago
Definitely possible, but a lot more work. The expression would need to loop back through time, frame by frame, to see if the layer's stacking order had changed in the last 2 seconds. If so, then ease
Control Time Remap with Slider
by Kyle Maven 5 days ago
I am looking to control the time remap of a composition by using a slider which is also connected to other attributes for an essential graphics pre-comp. What I want is to use the linear expression bu
Re: Control Time Remap with Slider
by Dan Ebberts 5 days ago
Try it like this: src = thisComp.layer("Control").effect("Slider Control")("Slider").value; f = linear(src, 0, 100, 0, 12); framesToTime(f) Dan
Automatically scale text layer to accomodate the length of text
by David Newman 7 days ago
Hi all, I'm trying to scale a text layer automatically so that when I type text into it (or refer to it from an outside source), the text layer automatically scales so that it doesn't clip off the sid
Re: Automatically scale text layer to accomodate the length of text
by Dan Ebberts 7 days ago
That line compares whether the width to height ratio of the text is greater than the maximum width to maximum height ratio. If so, it sets the scale factor to achieve maximum width, otherwise it sets
Animate object along animated path
by Robin Munshaw 1 week ago
Hi there, I've created a path that has vertices animated to follow an underlying map. The map is a slow zoom in on Google Earth looking at the ground at about 45 degrees, so each vertex of the path is
Re: Animate object along animated path
by Dan Ebberts 1 week ago
Assuming that you're using Trim Paths to set the end point of your path, an expression like this (for the position of your dot) should track an animated path: L = thisComp.layer("Shape Layer 1"); path
I Want To thank Dan Ebberts
by Julien Schickel 3 weeks ago
Hello everybody, I don't know If it is ok to post this on the forum, but I made this animation of the solar system: https: www.youtube.com watch v=UzbnPX8Stnc and I never would have been able if it wa
Re: I Want To thank Dan Ebberts
by Dan Ebberts 3 weeks ago
I just wanted to say thank you so much for the kind words, and what a nice piece of work you have created! Dan
Using the layer name within an expression
by Paul Connors 4 weeks ago
Hello. I'm testing some data-driven expressions using a .csv file as my source. I have some expressions in my comp that reference that data, but I'm trying to incorporate the layer name into the expre
Re: Using the layer name within an expression
by Dan Ebberts 4 weeks ago
For one thing, you let some curly quotes sneak into the end of the first and second lines... Dan
Scale expression
by chris holland 1 month ago
Hi, I need to create a map using dots, I want the dots to scale from 0-100 randomly over the space of 3 seconds to reveal build the map. I came across a post on here where someone had the exact same p
Re: Scale expression
by Dan Ebberts 1 month ago
Try this: maxTime = 3; max time for all dots to appear rampTime = .1; seedRandom(index,true); myTime = random(maxTime-rampTime); s = linear(time,myTime,myTime+rampTime,0,100); s,s Dan
toComp puppet pin to 2Dnull irrespective of puppeted comp size
by alex ezorsky 1 month ago
I'm trying to experiment with putting a pattern on someone's face and I've got tracking data for all the face points we need in the form of position animated nulls. I have the pattern comp with puppet
Re: toComp puppet pin to 2Dnull irrespective of puppeted comp size
by Dan Ebberts 1 month ago
The layer space transforms are all about getting points from layer space to comp space (toComp) and from comp space to layer space (fromComp). The first part of the expression needs to get the null's
Stopping the wiggle expression after a few second.
by Ruo Zheng 5 months ago
Hey everyone, I just starting learning about expressions and currently, I'm trying to make a flicker-in effect for this logo. I have wiggle(100,100) in the Opacity property of the logo but I'm trying
Re: Stopping the wiggle expression after a few second.
by Dan Ebberts 5 months ago
This should work: time < 5 wiggle(100,100) : value Dan
Toggle Hold value between keyframes?
by Ronan De Lacy 7 months ago
Hello all, I have a text layer, that's set up to pull data from a text file. I'm taking values from sliders on separate layers to each keyframe on the timeline. Everything is working, however, the val
Dan Ebberts liked this 7 months ago
Re: Toggle Hold value between keyframes?
by Ronan De Lacy 7 months ago
Thanks so much, Dan. You're a life saver!!
How to start time expression at layer InPoint
by sergei opanasuk 9 months ago
Hello, I have typewriter effect animation driven by simple expression time*25 How can I start the expression at layers inPoint Please help. Thank you very much!!!! sergei
Re: How to start time expression at layer InPoint
by Dan Ebberts 9 months ago
I'd start with this: 100 - (time-inPoint)*25 Dan
Layers skew when rotating
by Ryan Stone 10 years ago
Hey everyone, This is one of those stupid simple questions. I must have pressed a wrong key somewhere and it's activated 'something'. When I rotate a layer it skews and extends horribley, until it rea
Re: Layers skew when rotating
by Dan Ebberts 2 years ago
I'm not aware of a workaround, but would love to hear about it if someone else knows of one. Dan
by Dan Ebberts 2 years ago
ido shor 3 years ago
Hey dan, I posted a Q on the expression forum, will be great if you'll find the time to answer.

Ismael Millán 4 years ago
Circular motion y axis

When i put the rate to 0, the motion is backward, any help? (sorri my english)
The position expression:
centre=thisComp.layer("Null 1").transform.position;
Dan Ebberts 4 years ago
Controlling speed is tricky business. This might help: http: www.motionscript.com articles speed-control.html Dan
Fabio Apelbaum 4 years ago
Hi Dan! hope your day is going well!

Let me ask you a question.. I saw a UI script someone created that when the mouse is over a button, a small description comes at the bottom of the script that looks like statictext but changes when the mouse goes over other buttons.

because the file is encrypted I was not able to open and learn how its done, would you happen to know?

I been playing all morning trying using the event listener and handler, but not sure if thats how its done. and how can you tell the handler to change whichever info in the statictext.

Thank you for your time!!

Take care,

Fabio Apelbaum 4 years ago
Hi Dan, could you plese lend me a hand? I was able to write this script and works perfect as long as a project was open in after effects before running the script. But I noticed that if I just opened AE and run the script, it gives me an error at: line3: var projName = proj.file.name.replace(/%20/g, " ");

I understand that the error is happening because it can not find an open file name when AE just opened... but how can I avoid this error?

var my_file = new File("/Volumes/XSANESN/CreativeServices/Projects/ON_AIR_PROMOS/RED_SOX/15_RED_SOX/15_RED\ SOX\ TUNE\ INS/Graphics/RS_Tune_In_Toolkit/RS_Tune_In_Toolkit.aep");
var proj=app.project;
var projName = proj.file.name.replace(/%20/g, " ");

if (projName == null){
new_project = app.open(my_file);
else {

if (projName == my_file.name){
alert(projName + " IS ALREADY OPEN");
if (my_file.exists){
new_project = app.open(my_file);
else {
new_project2 = app.open();
if (new_project){
alert(projName + " IS NOW OPEN, ENJOY");


Thanks a lot!
Fabio Apelbaum 4 years ago
Sorry, sent you the wrong version... this is it: var my_file = new File(" Volumes XSANESN CreativeServices Projects ON_AIR_PROMOS RED_SOX 15_RED_SOX 15_RED\ SOX\ TUNE\ INS Graphics RS_T [more]
Dan Ebberts 4 years ago
Before doing anything with the project file, you can test if it exists: if (app.project.file == null){ Does that help Dan
Fabio Apelbaum 4 years ago
Thanks Dan! That worked! to much to learn but I am doing better!. Now, let me ask you.... I do have a collection of items required to run the script I am working on, so far with your help I am now abl [more]
Dan Ebberts 4 years ago
I would guess it would be like this: var myItem = null; for (var i = 1; i <= app.project.numItems; i++){ if ((app.project.item(i) instanceof FolderItem) && (app.project.item(i).name == "x"){ myItem [more]
Fabio Apelbaum 4 years ago
Thanks Dan!!! last question! Just noticed that each computer is trying to connect to the file through different paths, call it an ingeniering problem in our workplace... never the less some computers [more]
Dan Ebberts 4 years ago
I guess you try each path (maybe inside a try catch to trap any errors) and then use .exists to see if the file is there. Something like that. Dan
Fabio Apelbaum 4 years ago
Hi Dan, hope this message finds you well!! As always! thank you for all your help. I run into an new issue, I tried my best to make it easy to understand, could you please take a look?


Thanks a lot!

Fabio Apelbaum 5 years ago
Hi Dan! First of all Im so please to meet you. You are an inspiration to everyone, certainly to me. I been following your responses to everyone and trying to learn as much as I can about scripting. I have to say I truly fall in love with it. Still a newbie with so much to learn.

In the meantime, if its not to much to ask, I would love if you can take a look to my latest question... I havent been able to find an answer on my own.

this is the post: https://forums.creativecow.net/thread/227/29492

Thank you in advance!

Logan King 5 years ago
Hi Dan,
Wanted to message you here instead of creating a separate forum post.

I am creating a 2.5 D parallax scene controlled through a null object. Thanks to you now I am able to use that expression code you helped me understand for this project.
I would like to ask a separate question, its again pretty simple and could be very noobish.

Problem :
When I space out 3 or more layers in the Z axis (depth) the layer that is farthest from the camera appears to be slightly faded than the ones close to the camera.
I m sure this is a simple FOV / Depth issue which can be corrected, can you advice me what to do here ?
Alex Sparrow 5 years ago
Hello! A week ago, I created a theme which has placed a piece of me translated site. http://www.motionscript.com - your website. May I ask your opinion on account of publication?
Alex Sparrow 5 years ago
theme - http: forums.creativecow.net readpost 227 27572
Dan Ebberts 5 years ago
Hi Alex, That's nice work. However I'd really rather not have my content showing up on other web sites. Thanks. Dan
Alex Sparrow 5 years ago
Ok. Thank you. But I can give you translated materials
Dan Ebberts 5 years ago
That's a generous offer, but I don't know what I would do with it. I would have no way to maintain it and it would be strange to have only one translated version on my site.
Alex Sparrow 5 years ago
Thanks again. I just save this material.
have I been a bad boy ?
by Bob Zelin 7 years ago
My last two posts (without hysteria) are being "moderated". Did I do something wrong Bob Zelin
Re: have I been a bad boy ?
by Dan Ebberts 7 years ago
Well that probably explains why I'm also not getting notification of new threads any more. So the comcast server must think you guys are spammers. I don't know what to do about that. Dan
by Dan Ebberts 12 years ago

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