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Trouble disembedding SDI audio embedded by BMD Analog to SDI MC and Broadcast Converter???
by Damon Haimoff 7 years ago
Is anyone else having trouble with BMD Analog to SDI Mini Converter and Broadcast Converter embedded audio We have BMD Analog to SDI converters deployed at 50 or so remote camera locations. These Came
Audio A/D converter for ATEM TVS switcher
by Richard Crowley 7 years ago
I have found the KanexPro AUA2DCV analog to digital converter to be compatible with the digital audio input required by the BMD ATEM TV Studio switcher. This is a very small, ultra-simple, and inexpen
Alex Gerulaitis liked this 7 years ago
Re: Audio A/D converter for ATEM TVS switcher
by Damon Haimoff 7 years ago
Hi Richard, There is always some video delay with digital cameras and therefor any associated audio (mics, etc) will need to be delayed to match. My question relates to other non-camera sources (clips
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