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Slow LTO Write Speeds- mTape TB3 - LTO7 as M8
by Dale Sandberg 8 months ago
Hi all, I'm a bit new to LTO solutions and am struggling to find what's wrong with our setup. We have a mLogic mTape LTO 8 Thunderbolt 3 and are using LTO7 tapes formatted as M8. The maximum transfer
Re: Slow LTO Write Speeds- mTape TB3 - LTO7 as M8
by Martin Greenwood 8 months ago
LTO-7 drives will attempt to speed match to the incoming data rate, however they need at least 100MB s to write continuously. Below this speed they will have to stop, rewind and start again, you will
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5 Minute Countdown
by Stephen Burton 12 years ago
I'm trying to make a countdown which counts down from 5:00 Minutes to 0:00. I want it to work in actual seconds, like a normal clock. I've tryed Effect Text Numbers. I've messed with all the things fo
Re: 5 Minute Countdown
by Dale Sandberg 4 years ago
Dan, thanks for the quick reply. I believe you are correct about the cache issue. I just changed the opacity of that 1 second to 99% and it seems to render those frames fresh instead of pulling them f
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