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Syncing MXF files
by Dale Holman Wallace 4 years ago
Hi there, I'm trying to sync a lot of MXF files from a Canon C300 with wav. files separately recorded by a sound recordist. The C300 has an internal mic on it. Unfortunately, PluralEyes does not appea
Re: Syncing MXF files
by Cris Cazor 4 years ago
Hi Dale, Im in a situation similar as yours, I have 2 Sony FS7s, though. What has been working for me, even though Plural Eyes keeps crashing on me, so have been saving every 30 seconds...hahaha I cre
Color Picker on Premiere CC not working
by Harry Pallenberg 5 years ago
I read a bunch of old posts talking about the picker not working, but I figured they would be fixed by now Is there something I'm missing I disconnected my second monitor, full restart and still nothi
Re: Color Picker on Premiere CC not working
by Cris Cazor 5 years ago
Hi, Im having that issue, too. Macbook Pro i7 , Mountain Lion with a Cinema Display thru thunderbolt. Every time I try to pick a color, the picker disappears and turns back into the arrow. Only happen
Slowmotion in resolve
by Daniel Albers 6 years ago
So I am importing an XML file into Resolve. Everything works fine except the clips i slowed down in premiere.. It simply doesn't load them. Is it just not possible or am i doing something wrong Kind r
Re: Slowmotion in resolve
by Cris Cazor 6 years ago
Hi Juan, So, would it be easier if I exported the XML at 100% speed from PPro to fcp and then on fcp do the slomo , then export another xml and open on resolve Thanks!
CS6 Another Choppy playback Question.
by David Palermo 6 years ago
Cant figure out how to fix this. I have been using premiere for a few days now. Spent about 5-6 hours editing. Closed my project for the night, opened it this morning and now my playback is choppy. I
Re: CS6 Another Choppy playback Question.
by Cris Cazor 6 years ago
David! Man I'm on that same page, Canon 5D footage, updated the CUDA driver, just bought CC last week, coming from cs6, thinking this new one was going to solve all my problems . Same crappy thing, st
Pre Pro Scratch disk write protected or unavailable????
by Don Cobble 8 years ago
I recently installed CS5.5 Production Premium. I am just learning it. I did a little test work on it all was well. I did a backup of system, then checked the backup and now my Pre Pro will not access
Re: Pre Pro Scratch disk write protected or unavailable????
by Cris Cazor 6 years ago
GENIUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Took me less than 5 secs to do this, instead of frying my brain and wasting more time. THOMAS YOU FRIGGING ROCK! Thanks Cris
FCP7 and Retina MacBook Pros
by Ben Holmes 7 years ago
Hi All Having posed the question myself on WWDC day, I've been curious ever since ordering my rMBP how it would behave and look with good ol' FCP7. After receiving mine yesterday, I've finally had a c
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Re: FCP7 and Retina MacBook Pros
by Cris Cazor 6 years ago
Something similar happened to me yesterday, but I wasn't on the rMBP, just a regular MacPro tower. And happened when I tried changing the resolution of the screen whilst FCP was opened. Coincidence Ba
Very strange motion lines, look!
by Daniel Grant 9 years ago
Hey guys, im in dire need of some help here. I shot a lot of footage using a Canon Legria HFS100, but, for an unknown reason when i logged and transferred the footage these lines appear in the browse
Re: Very strange motion lines, look!
by Cris Cazor 8 years ago
Hi guys, I've been having the same issues with a canon vixia, when i started using it last year, everything was normal, i could log and transfer from FCP, now i can't so i had to get Voltaic for encod
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