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Panasonic SDX900
by Craig Needelman 10 years ago
I have 2 SDX900's on a job. If I manually white balance them, they match perfectly. If I go with the daylight preset, same filter, same ND, 1 camera is very rosy on my chip chart. I've read the same S
Re: Panasonic SDX900
by Patrick Forestell 10 years ago
I am not you can match two camera's default PRESET settings. I have read that you can get close to it buy turing camera off, then put it in PRESET, and hold the white balance sw up while you also turn
Paragraph & Character Styles
by Craig Needelman 10 years ago
Why are the paragraph & character styles separate. Can they be combined into 1 style When i click on character it only gives me character styling options. I would like to do all the options in 1 chara
SDX900 card and lens for HDX900?
by Hop Litzwire 13 years ago
Sorry this is a bit off topic from Varicam. Does anyone know if, since the HDX900 is supposedly an SDX900 upgraded to HD capability, the HDX will accept the SD card settings from my SDX900. I realize
Re: SDX900 card and lens for HDX900?
by Craig Needelman 10 years ago
I was just wondering what your tests with the standard def lens turned up. I'm in the same boat, and I've read some threads on the HPX500 with standard def glass. I've got a Canon J11x4.5 that I'd lik
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