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Hello all -

My name is Zachary Palmarini and the following is about me:

I am a Film/Video Editor and Motion Graphics Artist living and working in Brooklyn, New York. While I would identify myself primarily as an Editor, I believe the Editor ti... [more]
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August 17th 2011
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Brooklyn, New York
Spotlight alternative app - Bing -
by Zachary Palmarini 9 years ago
I cannot for the life of me find an app that I previously had which shows recently accessed documents called - Bing - I had it and now i just cant find it. Anyone have a link
Twitch Film Gate Effect - Slow Slide
by Zachary Palmarini 9 years ago
Hi hi - Little road block here with using Twitch. I've created faulty film gate effect that I'm happy with except I just wish I could slow the slide down sliiiiightly. I feel like I'm missing somethin
Re: Twitch Film Gate Effect - Slow Slide
by Daniel Waldron 9 years ago
Don't have my AE in front of me now, but shouldn't there be a Speed control in the Slide controls If not, you might have to tweak the the Twitch speed and amount along with the Slide amount until you
Switch to Premiere
by Zachary Palmarini 9 years ago
I'm sure many of you may share my severe disappointment with FCP X. Hooray for Background editing, but what did you do to the rest of my precious FCP!! I'm sure that if I spent enough time in there I
Re: Switch to Premiere
by Alex Udell 9 years ago
Hi Zach.... I use both FCP and PPro. To me they are very close and the transition will be pretty easy for you. There are some nuances to be sure. Some areas where PPro is ahead, some where it has some
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