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Kristel Ottis
FCPX graphics card decisions/debate
by Ted Irving 6 years ago
Looking for advice from someone using a Mac Pro Mid 2010 tower and either one of these non-flashed, Mac Edition graphic cards: EVGA GeForce GTX680 Sapphire Radeon HD 7950 I like both but hate the loss
Re: FCPX graphics card decisions/debate
by Colin McQuillan 6 years ago
I'm unsure about which of those two cards would be the best solution head to head, but from what I've read FCPX and Motion perform better with the AMD cards I recently upgraded the 1gig Nvidia 8800GT
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External audio recorders
by Casey Petersen 8 years ago
I am looking for something extremely simple and basic, and I need help. I currently have the Sony UWP wireless (lav) mic system...seen here: http: c product 553686-REG Sony_UWP_V6
Re: External audio recorders
by Colin McQuillan 8 years ago
I don't know about the H1, but the H4N has a hold button. Even still I wouldn't recommend the setup you are thinking of. The hold button 'might' prevent the person from switching it off, but they stil
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Blurring a Face
by Chris Parkhurst 11 years ago
Anyone know of a cheap and easy way to blur someone's face out of a clip Would rather the face not be recognizable to the viewer. Thanks in advance for all help! Ciao, Chris Parkhurst www.BarangFilms.
Re: Blurring a Face
by Colin McQuillan 11 years ago
Duplicate the video track and place on top of the original. ****shortcut: SHIFT+ALT and drag source clip to layer above Add a circle mask to the upper video clip. (Effects- Video Filters - Matte - Mas
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Preview settings
by Kristoffer Gimle Ruud 9 years ago
I have a problem with the preview in Final Cut Pro. It lags.. Somebody who know how I can adjust the settings of the preview Or if there is any other solution
Re: Preview settings
by Colin McQuillan 9 years ago
Preview as in your external monitor Final Cut Pro drop down menu -- System Settings -- Change frame offset value to '0' (default is 4) Also, If you are playing through un-rendered elements on a timeli
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OS 10.5 Leopard upgrage still available anywhere?
by Tom Matthies 9 years ago
I am using an older G5 as an offline storage computer. I have a couple of older, but still functioning Huge RAIDS attached to it. I'd like to use it for temporary storage of files that I need to conve
Re: OS 10.5 Leopard upgrage still available anywhere?
by Colin McQuillan 9 years ago
LOL, Very clever :-p But I guess easy to say for any question anyone ever asks.. so I guess why does anyone ever need to ask questions ever... Maybe for personal insight you cant get from google... Ma
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Slow Motion Techniques
by Jeff Mack 9 years ago
Please delete my post if it is out of line to post this. Tonight is the monthly meeting of the Dallas Final Cut Pro User Group. Steve Sullivan, cameraman for NFL Films will be presenting slow motion t
Re: Slow Motion Techniques
by Colin McQuillan 9 years ago
No time to watch tonight but like Mark I would be interested in watching if posted somewhere! Colin McQuillan Vancouver, B.C. "Live, love, laugh and be happy."
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Europe vs USA- Can my FCP system deal with NTSC footage ?
by Philipp Figueroa 10 years ago
HI there, I recently set up a Final Cut based editing suite in my production company in London. We mainly produce 5-10 minutes corporate films. However we are starting to make films in the US which wi
Re: Europe vs USA- Can my FCP system deal with NTSC footage ?
by Colin McQuillan 10 years ago
I've worked on a few projects in the opposite direction (Shot edited here in North America and sent to PAL markets for broadcast) We used all PAL equipment and had no issues at all. (like Dave says st
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