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Best Sound Effects Library?
by Cole Reynolds 6 years ago
Hi all, Is there a consensus on which sound effect library is the best in general terms I'm looking for a large, general sound effects library and google is giving me a lot of free download sites whic
Re: Best Sound Effects Library?
by Ivan Markovic 3 years ago
Check the Sounddogs Desktop App , it's a SFX Subscription & Free Application: The main goal of the app is to integrate sounds effects directly to the sound editor workflow. The subsc
Editing competitions?
by Cole Reynolds 6 years ago
Are there any editing competitions out there that I can should look into I was thinking in the same vein as the exposure competition, where you're given a bunch of raw footage and the best edit wins.
Re: Editing competitions?
by Rebecca Sales 6 years ago
That is a good idea.
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