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December 9th 2016
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Text Box animation with blinking cursor
by Colby Turybury 2 weeks ago
I have the write on feature figured out as well as the blinking cursor. I can't figure out is the have a line write on then when it reaches the end of the line it moves upwards to allow room for anoth
by Colby Turybury 2 weeks ago
mov file Uploaded file https: 11569 textboxloopmov
Random movement in a single direction.
by Colby Turybury 4 weeks ago
I have a block of text that I need to move upward but I want the movement to be random. Go up 20 pixels here 50 pixels there 5 again. Something like that. however the trick is to get it to never go ba
Re: Random movement in a single direction.
by Colby Turybury 3 weeks ago
This awesome!!! Thank you so much. I see that the block of text "steps" upward. How would you randomly make it move and smoothly and step upward Could you also comment the script I am a noob and am re
by Colby Turybury 1 month ago
This issue is ridiculous! I have a null object that has been baked with an external comp tag. The object has position and scale animation baked. When I export and aec from c4d and open in After Effect
Duplicate and offset layers
by Colby Turybury 8 months ago
I don't even know how to approach this. Is it possible to control the number of layers in a comp with an expression as well as the time the layer begins
Re: Duplicate and offset layers
by Dan Ebberts 8 months ago
You can do that with scripting, but not expressions. Expressions can't create layers or move anything around in the timeline. The best you can do with an expression would be to control the opacity, to
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