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Digital Media Producer at VTV Channel 6
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November 18th 2014
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Albany, New York Area
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My name is Cody Waite, I study digital art. I study anything from Graphic and Web Design to Video Production and Photography. I started learning this field about 5 years ago when i started using Photoshop and attended a 2 year Digital Multimedia course in high school. I learned the basics and a good foundation on products, techniques and so much more.

After I graduated that program with three awards, I started attending Full Sail University's Digital Cinematography the following August after my graduation. My studies in school include all aspects of Video Productions from developing the idea of the story to post production and distribution of your work.

Me personally, I lived in Upstate New York all of my life until I was 20 years old. A few months after I moved to Vernal Utah to pursue a career choice. I am the Digital Media Producer/Media Consultant for VTV Channel 6 here in Vernal. This field is my hobby, I love being able to create something amazing from hitting the "record" button, all the way to manipulating it into a coherent film or piece of art.

So if you would like to know more about me or take a look at some of my current work, feel free, would love to share!
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