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Beijing Exotic Trailer
by Chris Dolan 9 years ago
Folks, Just completed a (very) short trailer, produced for the purpose of generating interest in a documentary video about exotic cars in China... primarily to give potential contributors some idea ab
Re: Beijing Exotic Trailer
by Chun Lim 9 years ago
I would just simplify your moves. Simple slides and perhaps a supporting effect of movement but a subtle one. If you need ideas look at video game trailers, especially racing games. See how they did t
Reel 5.1
by Tudor "Ted" Jelescu 9 years ago
I got some comments regarding the music on my demo reel version 5.0 so I came up with a new soundtrack for version 5.1. I also added some new vfx shots. Your comments are appreciated! Tudor "Ted" Jele
Re: Here's the link
by Chun Lim 9 years ago
I may be in the minority here but I feel your reel is very very long. You have some excellent imagery in there but much of it is repeated or held on the screen for too long. Sometimes sequences have m
Looking for feedback
by Chun Lim 9 years ago
http: 12408528 Uploaded my reel here as well Vimeo. Looking for feedback from the creative community. Tear it up, as long as the comments are helpful or give guidance of what to fix I look f
Re: Looking for feedback
by Ben Starkey 9 years ago
Nothing there to fix, that's absolutely fantastic work. Ben Starkey Editor Color Correction & Grading
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