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Sharing a Deck
by Chuck Ellis 14 years ago
My place of employment has purchased two Final Cut systems and one Panasonic SD255 DVC-Pro deck to share between them. They've given me the task of finding a firewire A B switch to allow the deck to s
Re: Sharing a Deck
by Rennie Klymyk 14 years ago
Also check with, they have about 8 or 10 products to choose from and their prices look good."everything is broken"
HD Quality MP4 Conversion
by Chuck Ellis 14 years ago
Hi. I'm working on an HD project using Final Cut 5 and my client wants the project on a Movie Cube player. Unfortunately, Movie Cube will not play .mov files. It will play MP4s (though sadly not H.264
Re: HD Quality MP4 Conversion
by Chuck Ellis 14 years ago
I was afraid of that. I've got a feeling the same is true for an AVI conversion. Any suggestions
FCP Export Aspect Ratio Woes
by Chuck Ellis 15 years ago
I'm using FCP 5 on a Power Mac G5 for an HD project with a 1440X1080 resolution for a video that will be played as a Quicktime off a computer on a 42" plasma screen. Everything appears to export norma
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