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missing proxies
by Christopher Plumb 10 months ago
Good afternoon So I've been given a drive that has a project on it and raw footage. When I open the project the media is offline. but the file names of the missing footage are do not match that of the
Re: missing proxies
by Shane Ross 10 months ago
Alas, no. You need the files they were working with. But the names don't match the raw When making proxies, the file names should be the same, but with PROXY at the end. Shane Little Frog Post Read my
varying sequence settings
by Christopher Plumb 11 months ago
Hello everyone. Quick one for you, so I've created a 1080 x 1080 sequence to make a video for instagram. The video is complete and now my boss says he wants a 1920 x 1080 version as well. When I go to
Re: varying sequence settings
by Roger Averdahl 11 months ago
I would have right clicked on the sequence in the Project Panel and choose Duplicate. Open the duplicated sequence and go to Sequence Sequence Settings and change the Frame Size. If the option to chan
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