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Media Technician at NATO Joint Warfare Centre Norway
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December 5th 2007
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Stavanger, Norway
Re: Premiere can't see mapped drives (anymore)
by Michael Krueger 2 years ago
Hi Christopher, this problem seems to be an UAC issue on some Windows machines and connected to how access tokens for mapped drives are handled. What worked for me was enabling linked connections via
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Adobe CC SLI Support and Benchmarks
by Ant Gonzalez 4 years ago
Adobe CC supports multiple GPU support as stated on their website.... "Multiple GPU export support Premiere Pro can now take full advantage of computers with multiple GPU cards for significantly accel
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Re: Enter Searchable Keywords in Premiere Pro
by Ryan Summers 8 years ago
Not sure if this helps, but if you turn on the Subject Field of Dublin Core in Premiere's Metadata Display menu, it maps directly to keywords. If you update a keyword in Bridge, it will pop up in Prem
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Create Custom Transition Presets?
by Aza Allen 10 years ago
I was curious, is it possible, using either AE or Premiere to create custom transition (and other FX) presets that I could just plop in anytime, or am I stuck building what I want from scratch. WAIT,
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Re: Any experience with thin client Post-Production?
by Todd Perchert 8 years ago
Which I am guessing IT would just lock down everything so they only had limited bandwidth and resources. I don't have experience with running any editing apps over thin clients, but I imagine it would
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Re: Any experience with thin client Post-Production?
by Thomas Leong 8 years ago
Ha! One alternative is to clog up the system with high bandwidth and processing demands so that they'll give you back your workstations! :-)
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Fight Back! You are NOT a doormat
by Brendan Coots 10 years ago
"I was thinking of sending her a letter - stating that her final disc will be released upon final payment; AND that any use of ANY graphics I created for her is forbidden until final payment is paid.
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