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Premiere crashes when opening a project with Lumetri
by Christian Reid 2 years ago
Hey guys! How are you Been some time since my last new topic, since this community has almost every question answered! Well, this problem is happening for quite some time now when I try to open a proj
Re: Premiere crashes when opening a project with Lumetri
by Paul Neumann 2 years ago
Try saving it to a layout without your scopes open. I have a ton of problems with Lumetri finickyness on my mac. No such problems on my PC. I can't export anything over 15-20 minutes through Pr or AME
Rendering ONLY an Alpha Channel
by Chris Arnold 12 years ago
I already rendered a scene in Cinema 4D, but now I want to render an alpha channel. Is there a way to ONLY render the alpha channel without rendering the actual video It's just a timing issue. I need
Re: Rendering ONLY an Alpha Channel
by Christian Reid 3 years ago
I know this question has been asked almost a decade ago, but I was searching for a solution for this matter and it is not as easy to find a more recent post. So, here it goes. C4D R17 (not sure about
Global replace font command
by David Eells 12 years ago
Similar questions have been asked, but so far I have yet to see an answer, so I'll put it out there - Is there a command or function to replace a font globally in a project So that all instances of mi
Re: Global replace font command
by Nicolas Menard 10 years ago
There's this script on AEScripts that could help you do that. You can make a search of font in all your document's text layer, and then quickly change the font for each layer. http: pt_t
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