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Full Page Overlay - FAO Abraham
by Andrew Scott 11 years ago
Hi Abraham, Many thanks for the great article above - it really helped me. Can you advise how I need to amend the code to use a Flash .SWF instead of a Quicktime .MOV please Thanks Andy
Re: Full Page Overlay - FAO Abraham
by Chris Thornberry 10 years ago
Abraham, I recently found your tutorial on pop-up overlays and it is exactly what we wanted to do when we update our website. I have gotten everything to work perfectly except that the opacity is stil
I write...
by Terri Mitchell 10 years ago
... and if I can help you, let me know. Ideally I prefer paying assignments... Anyways, newbie here, so Hi Everyone! Cheers. Terri Small Business Marketing "There is an alternative to Expensive Advert
Re: I write...
by Chris Thornberry 10 years ago
What do you write Email me some more info . . . Thanks! -Chris
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