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Did I lowball a company for 10 minute Training Video?
by Rrotz Productions 12 years ago
I've been working on a 10 minute training video that I shot and edited which I quoted $1250 for based on $125 per minute of finished video. Is that a fair charge or did I lowball myself
Re: Did I lowball a company for 10 minute Training Video?
by Chris Schwager 7 years ago
In Australia, you lowballed yourself! Ridge Films
What's a day to you?
by Jon Henry 8 years ago
Hi, I'm wondering what other contract editors count as a day I get paid by the day, and have been keeping close track of my hours lately. I'm wondering what other people in the industry qualify as a d
Re: What's a day to you?
by Chris Schwager 8 years ago
Yep and a break should be allocated no longer than 4-5hrs into the day. My Crew is pretty flexible but I always check with department heads before announcing anything. It also really depends on how ha
green screen spill
by clyde villegas 11 years ago
Preventing spills from a green screen is as simple as moving the actors away from the green screen background. But how about the green colored floor; how do I keep it from from reflecting on my actors
Re: green screen spill
by Chris Schwager 11 years ago
Hey Clyde villegas, I hope this helps, If you're lighting the floor then you must me light for full body. I had advice on this for some of our video production jobs here in sydney, it was prooving to
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