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I am an established Colorist and Editor with over 20 years of broadcast experience working in Los Angeles, New York, Seattle, South Florida, Atlanta and Charlotte. I have experience as a Editor for 15 years and a Colorist for 8 years. I have worked ... [more]
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February 4th 2011
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Charlotte, NC
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MAC based system, Adobe Premiere, DaVinci Resolve, Tangent Wave panel, Flanders Scientific Color Grading monitor, Final Cut 7.
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Editing, Color Correction/Grading, After Effects, Photoshop, and Digital Work Flows.
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I have created A&M Post with a primary goal is to maintain a professional reputation to produce projects with the best story telling and color grading. I have individually and been part of talented teams that have been credited with awards including 4 national Emmy\'s. I have my own studio for Editorial and Color Grading and will bring out the best in your projects.
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