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Digital File Playback
by Chris Mullinax 7 years ago
I work for a large company and we are looking for equipment that we can use to easily add digital video files for playback during live presentations. We go between using DigiBeta and a computer(ppt) n
Re: Digital File Playback
by Tom Matthies 7 years ago
Check into the AJA KiPro line and also the Black Magic Hyperdeck Studio. Much less expensive than the GV unit and will do both SD and HD playback. E=MC2+ -2db
ENC551 freezes while opening, loading expotertAVI.prm
by Chris Mullinax 8 years ago
I have been using Encore for years. I had used it 2 days ago and it worked perfectly. Yesterday I open it, it loads like normal until it gets to "Loading exporterAVI.prm" and the program hangs. If I c
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