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Adding 100% ease to this expression
by Chris Meadmore 2 months ago
Hi I'm using the below expression to control 2 keyframe positions on a simple A to B animation. Once the expression is added it became a linear move so I swapped 'linear' to 'ease' but how can I contr
Re: Adding 100% ease to this expression
by Filip Vandueren 1 month ago
Hi Chris, the expression ease() method only simulates Easy-easy, which is to say 0 speed at 33% influence, there is no way to change this. You would need to write your own method, look into cubic-bezi
More elegant Text Scale solution
by Chris Meadmore 3 months ago
Hi, I've written this expression: layerWidth = thisLayer.sourceRectAtTime(time).width; maximumWidth = 650; percentageOfMaxWidth = layerWidth maximumWidth * 100; leeway = 100 - percentageOfMaxWidth; if
Re: More elegant Text Scale solution
by Filip Vandueren 3 months ago
This works for me: layerWidth = thisLayer.sourceRectAtTime(time).width*scale 0 100; if (layerWidth!=0 && layerWidth>650) { value * 650 layerWidth; } else { value; } should be fine unless yo
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