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I do video, motion graphics & science visualization work for a university planetarium.
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November 12th 2010
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Boulder, Colorado
Fast, reliable & cheap (!!) SAN
by Chris Maytag 7 years ago
Hello, We're beginning the process of specifying a fiber-based (or that's our assumption, based on bandwidth needs) storage system for a small workgroup (< 12 clients). Our capacity needs are moder
Re: Fast, reliable & cheap (!!) SAN (dome master)
by Chris Maytag 7 years ago
Just because NAS is slower (700MB s per port is the fastest NAS I heard of), or for other reasons It's an assumption based on speed considerations. While I don't know that we couldn't make do with sl
Backups sol'ns for multiple Mac environment, low to mid budget
by Chris Maytag 8 years ago
I've been pushing backup security in my shop, and we've just had a crucial drive failure that will probably result in having to re-do work, client delay, etc. The good news is that we're probably goin
Re: Backups sol'ns for multiple Mac environment, low to mid budget
by Jon Frost 7 years ago
I'd go with a G-Tech ES 6TB 4 drive solution striped for RAID 1 or RAID 5. Better to have two in RAID 5 or RAID 10 format. Jon Frost
PC Monitors on Mac?
by Dean Brennan 9 years ago
My two 20" Apple Cinema Displays need replaced on my MacPro. I have the NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT and it has Dual DVI outputs. The new 24" cinema display requires MiniDisplay Port output and I do not wan
Re: PC Monitors on Mac?
by Chris Maytag 9 years ago
Just wanted to comment in support of the HP IPS monitors. I recently managed to put aside the cash for an HP zr30w IPS monitor, and I have to say that I'll never go back. Beautiful, flawless, and very
motion graphics showreel
by alex johnson 10 years ago
Looking for feedback on my latest motion graphics showreel. This is a collection of projects made using a mixture of Animation, Graphics, Live Footage and 3D. Software used: After Effects, Cinema 4D
Re: motion graphics showreel
by Chris Maytag 9 years ago
Very impressive! Here I am looking for I just need to try and not let "impressed" turn into "discouraged". :) --- Chris Maytag Sci. Visualization, Video & Motion Graphics FCS & CS5
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