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XDCAM EX SD card file structure problem
by Chris Gurney 8 years ago
I often freelance for the BBC regional news. Their workflow consists of shooting on a PMW-500 (at 35 Mbps) onto SD cards via an SxS adapter. After the shoot the SD card is inserted into a card reader
Re: XDCAM EX SD card file structure problem
by Ian Cook 8 years ago
SD cards and Memory Sticks can only be formatted with a private directory. This can't be changed, unfortunately. I believe it's a media requirement that goes beyond what the camcorder is doing...
How to install FCP configuration file?
by Chris Gurney 9 years ago
The BBC have sent me some .fcpre files to install on my Mac so that I can create an Easy Setup based on their requirements. How do I install these into FCP I have tried copying them into Applications
Re: How to install FCP configuration file?
by André Engelhardt 9 years ago
Hi Chris, the file needs to go into Macintosh HD Users "your user name here" Library Preferences Final Cut Pro User Settings Custom Settings. Hope that will work for you and good luck with the project
Aja Kona LSe and composite video direct from SX camera problem
by Chris Gurney 11 years ago
Hi, I do a lot of chromakey work, and recently bought a Sony DNW-90 SX camcorder, as it offers high quality 4:2:2 video which keys very well. It also offers composite video playback directly out of th
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