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Name this song?
by Adam Boustead 8 years ago
Can anyone help me identify this piece of music jingle. I found it when shopping in a store called Blockbusters, which is in the UK and rents DVD's and games. I have tried for weeks to find it but hav
Re: Name this song?
by Chris Ballasiotes 8 years ago
This song can be found on the website. It is called "Positive Thinking" I have used it a couple of times... it is a catchy little tune! http: search utf8=%E2%9C%93&term
Encore CS3 not finalizing on Macbook Pro
by Chris Ballasiotes 11 years ago
I have been having a problem with projects finished on MacBook Pro using Encore CS3. After the DVD is finished and tested on various DVD players we try to make copies on our DVD duplication machine an
What DVD software is the best?
by Lucy Merchant 11 years ago
Hi - Ive just joined the cow because I really need some help with this and there's so much on the net it's overfacing. Im currently using DVD Studio Pro 4 for authoring and I'm really not happy with i
Re: What DVD software is the best?
by Chris Ballasiotes 11 years ago
Lucy- i would suggest you use AfterEffects to create motion backgrounds and then layer simple text buttons on top of the motion layer- which can be created in Photoshop then import into Encore to fini
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