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Timecode Reader anyone?
by Bruce Wittman 7 years ago
Has any clever person figured out how to use a timecode reader (not timecode generator) within FCPX Our clients want a timecode window burn of our raw footage, NOT the timecode of the timeline I have
Re: Timecode Reader anyone?
by Chelsea Wagner 6 years ago
Very nice fix.... Worked great with the timecode generator....
Final Cut Pro - MultiClip - Audio not syncing
by Jaqai Mickelsen 10 years ago
Ok, so I'm in a lil' bit of a pinch here. FCP vs 6.0.6 I'm trying to create a multiclip from 3 different media sources. Camera 1, camera 2, and an audio source. The video footage from both cameras are
Re: Final Cut Pro - MultiClip - Audio not syncing
by Chelsea Wagner 7 years ago
I have to look at premier pro. I finally figured out the sync thing. I was an issue with the recorder breaking up the audio into clips with actual time gaps between the clips. That ended up because of
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