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After Effects Flicker
by Charles Elmore 10 years ago
I'm working with DVCPRO HD 720p 24p footage in After Effects CS3. As I'm working with clips doing everything from corner pin shots to color correction I've noticed repeatedly a weird flicker when perf
Re: After Effects Flicker
by Chris Wright 10 years ago
Some people have said that turning off opengl and or using animation codec instead fixes the problem. It's very strange that this problem is so widespread, including Prorez codec too, even though its
Asset Management Question
by Charles Elmore 11 years ago
Hello, I'm trying to find a quick solution to our company's short term asset management workflow. Eventually we plan to be on a functioning server based asset management system, but in the meantime, I
Re: Asset Management Question
by Boyd McCollum 11 years ago
You need to think in terms of day-to-day back up as well as long term storage. At a minimum, I'd keep media files separate from the project files. Keep media on the external drive and all other projec
All Possible alpha solutions
by Charles Elmore 11 years ago
Hello all, I'm a post production Supervisor for a web based "network" that broadcasts around 5-10 Live productions a year. For our live productions we are trying to find the most effective (i.e. cheap
Re: All Possible alpha solutions
by Charles Elmore 11 years ago
well, I think we got it figured out. Thanks to all of you who've chimed in with suggestions, corrections and ideas. We wouldn't be needing to switch multiple cameras through the fcp system, only playi
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