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Weird Rendering
by Chayla Goncalves 1 year ago
In preview, whilst editing, everything about my project is fine however after it has been rendered, the video is sped up to be 3 or 4 seconds faster and the audio is also slightly more higher pitched
Re: Weird Rendering
by Chad Treanor 1 year ago
It sounds like you're composition time base (Frames Per Second) is not being matched in your render settings. For instance, if you're animating at 24p and then export a 60 fps video file you're effect
Adjustment layer rendering recommendations in Premiere CC15 please
by Chad Treanor 4 years ago
Just upgraded to Premiere CC2015 last night and I have a question related to how Premiere renders out "precomputes" (vocab from the past) when an adjustment layer is used on top of an entire program.
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