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Adobe Premiere CS6
by Chad MacKenzie 5 years ago
Hi all, A little confused when exporting this video because it looks interlaced and a little blurry. My sequence settings are: DSLR - 1920 x 720 - Square aspect ration My export settings are H.264 - V
Re: Adobe Premiere CS6
by Jeff Pulera 5 years ago
Is your source 1920x1080 or 1280x720 You said 1920x720 which I assume to be a typo. Is the footage natively 23.97 If you can post a screen grab of the Export setting panel that will be helpful in trou
Action shot technique
by Chad MacKenzie 6 years ago
I've always wanted to do a shot where it was like an action sequence you see in photography. I understand the basics, but this shot I came across Youtube, I'm bewildered about. Go to 3:20 in the video
Re: Action shot technique
by Nikolas Bäurle 6 years ago
Here's a Freeze Frame Sequence Tutorial: http: watch v=i77J3A_Vz3E I've never done one myself...but it should be pretty easy "Always look on the bright side of life" - Monty Python
Change frame rate
by Chad MacKenzie 7 years ago
Shot footage in 60p and want to change frame rate to 24p. I've gone to project library, clicked my the project, then clicked the wrench and changed frame rate to 24 fps. However when I add the footage
Re: Change frame rate
by Tom Wolsky 7 years ago
You have the project set to use the first clip as the guide for the project properties. Make a new project with custom settings that specify the frame size and frame rate you want. All the best, Tom "
Importing footage from HVX200
by Chad MacKenzie 7 years ago
First time user using Final Cut X. Having trouble importing from my HVX200. I recorded both 24pn and 60p. The 60p files are fine, but 24pn has a little camera image on the left in the All Clips sectio
Superimpose footage on FCPX
by Chad MacKenzie 7 years ago
I saw a skateboard ad on TV where the skateboarder was grinding down a rail but it was live action. It's super imposed but I was wondering if I would use composition I figured I would need a solid wal
Re: Superimpose footage on FCPX
by Andreas Kiel 7 years ago
Looks more like a difference key like in AE. -Andreas Spherico http: filmtools
Hvx200 Mounted Light/Shoulder rig
by Chad MacKenzie 7 years ago
Hello, Been searching to find a relatively inexpensive light and shoulder rig for Panasonic Hvx200 but haven't found much. Would like to find a light that can mount on the camera, possibly where the m
Re: Hvx200 Mounted Light/Shoulder rig
by Larry Zapotocky 7 years ago
Hi Chad, We use the Comber CM-LBPS 1800. I researched a bunch of lights (to say the least) and this one by far gave the best overall light quality and intensity. It's heavy duty. The small battery giv
Shimmering Text
by Chad MacKenzie 9 years ago
I have black text and want to have it where there is a shimmer or shine effect starts from the left and goes through the text and ends on the right. I tried having a layer on top of the text that is j
Re: Shimmering Text
by Chad MacKenzie 9 years ago
Awesome! Thats what I needed!
by Chad MacKenzie 9 years ago
What is the ISO on the HVX200 Also, does each ND filter stop equal 3 fstops thanks
Re: Iso
by Fernando Mol 9 years ago
I think it's ISO 200. HPX170 is ISO 400. Best way to be sure is to use a SLR, a Grey Card and compare the exposures.
Film Leader
by Chad MacKenzie 9 years ago
Looking for film leader similar to link I have but in HD. Not really look to shell out $100-$400 for a few seconds of video. Want to use it for personal use for my snowboard trip! http: www.thoughtequ
Re: Film Leader
by Warren Eig 9 years ago
I built one in After Effects & Illustrator. Warren Eig O 310-470-0905 email: website: http: http: BabyBoomPictures AFX.htm
Editor/Motion Effects/After Effects Orange County,CA
by Chad MacKenzie 9 years ago
Seeking someone who can edit, create motion and after effects. Must be creative, have good listening skills, good sense of humor, and can talk with clients. Has own equipment to bring in to edit with.
Video and compression frame size
by Chad MacKenzie 9 years ago
I shot a video on the HVX200. Frame size is 960 x 720, but when I compress it, it comes out very blurry. I've tried multiple frame sizes and each come out blurry, I even did custom: 960 x 720 and it's
Re: Video and compression frame size
by Craig Seeman 9 years ago
At the very top of this forum there's a sticky on how to get the fastest compression help. Please read it and provide the information. Right now all I can say is raise your data rate when you compress
Composite video
by Chad MacKenzie 9 years ago
I just saw this the other on tv, but there was a shot of a man walking into a room and the shot froze and the everything in the back ground turned black and white while the man was still in his full c
Re: Composite video
by Stephen Smith 9 years ago
You take the clip and slow it down with a behavior or keyframes. Then you duplicate the clip. Use the mask tool on the top clip to create a mask around the person. Then on the bottom clip add a desatu
HVX200 Newbie questions
by Chad MacKenzie 9 years ago
I just received a HVX200, not HVX200A, from a friend who pretty much doesn't use the camera anymore. Currently in college and film is my major and we use this same camera except.... our professor does
Re: HVX200 Newbie questions
by Noah Kadner 9 years ago
Also- we have a downloadable course for the HVX200 that's very hands on- http: collections camera products panasonic-p2-workflow-with-final-cut-pro-and-the-hvx200 -Noah Unlock the
DVD burning
by Chad MacKenzie 9 years ago
So I have edited a film, put it through DVD studio and set up my menus, etc. My burner recently gave me an error so again and again I discovered it is broken, so my only option is to take my footage t
Re: DVD burning
by Michael Sacci 9 years ago
You also need to remove the .layout and the .lay files, They should NOT be on the final DVD.
Effects Options???
by Chad MacKenzie 9 years ago
Every time I lay down a dissolve, or any other effect into the timeline its only 1 frame in duration. I was wondering if there is an option to change this to longer duration every time I use it It's s
Re: Effects Options???
by Shane Ross 9 years ago
#1 Transitions "Insufficient Content" Shane's Stock Answer #1: Trying to add a Transition and get the error "Insufficient Content" A full 1 second cross fade reaches 15 frames into each clip. So, if y
Log and Transfer
by Chad MacKenzie 10 years ago
So this is my current problem. My mac is currently not working, and the I'm using my friends Final Cut Pro. They don't have the option for Log and Transfer option to get my footage off of HVX-200. Wha
Re: Log and Transfer
by Chad MacKenzie 10 years ago
That makes even more sense now, thank you for the help!
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