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Convert .MOV to .WMV
by Ceri Allen 9 years ago
Hi I have to convert a .mov to a .wmv. Please advise me of the best software to do this. The ones I have been trying have the following problems: Flip4mac-Any graphics text on the movie come out looki
Re: Convert .MOV to .WMV
by Ceri Allen 9 years ago
ok thanks. I can start with the full quality videos that would be HDV1080i, 1920x1080 and compress to WMV from there. However the movie size, though it random, has been requested by a client and I can
lay off HDV to min DV tape
by Ceri Allen 9 years ago
Hi I am working on a mac G5 with a blackmagik card and FCP version 6.0.4 I would like to lay off from FCP onto mini DV tape in HDV format. The timeline and the footage I am working on are all HDV. The
Re: lay off HDV to min DV tape
by Ceri Allen 9 years ago
Hi Blackmagik card has the analogue output which goes to a loom, and the SDI output. the deck has S video in, SDI video in and audio in. also has component out and HDMI out. I did try to output HDV th
Using vectors to scale up images?
by Ceri Allen 9 years ago
Hi I have created a poster design in photoshop. The poster is A4 at 300DPI and it was created using images from HD video (so 72DPI). I would like to beable to make the poster bigger, preferably A3 siz
Re: Using vectors to scale up images?
by Vincent Rosati 9 years ago
Converting to Vector in IA will result in stylized images, they won't be photographic. But you would open the raster image in IA, and with the image selected click Live Trace on the main menu. There a
EX3 to FCP workflow
by Ceri Allen 9 years ago
Hi When working with footage form the EX1 or EX3 I am accustomed to using Sony XDCam transfer to import footage into my machine and then simply dropping the converted media files into FCP. Its a painl
Re: EX3 to FCP workflow
by Rob Grauert 9 years ago
We have these cameras at my work and I just ingested from an SxS card yesterday for the first time. It was real easy. FIrst you want to back up the original file structure of the SxS card to a hard dr
jagged text in after effects
by Ceri Allen 9 years ago
Hi I am creating animations in adobe aftereffects CS4. I have been provided with an eps file from a client that contains some text and a logo (though it is not a text layer, it is a flat eps image fil
Re: jagged text in after effects
by Tudor "Ted" Jelescu 9 years ago
turning on the continuously rasterize switch may fix this. In the eps file, are all the elements vectors or bitmaps Maybe somehow the one word that appears jaggy is a bit map and the rest is vector..
FLV codec for quicktime
by Ceri Allen 10 years ago
Hi A very quick question. I have quicktime version 7.6.3 on a mac book pro (OS X 10.6.2). Can someone tell me how to get the FLV codec for quictime so I can export .movs from quictime as .flvs thanks
Re: FLV codec for quicktime
by Joel Peregrine 10 years ago
Hi Ceri, http: forums.creativecow.net readpost 8 1072095 http: forums.creativecow.net search.php q=quicktime+flv Wedding Films YouTube Channel
by Ceri Allen 10 years ago
Hi i have a question in regards to multiclipping in Final Cut pro (version 6.0.5) I have footage shot on a Sony EX3, hence it is memory card based. Time code is time of day. There were 5 different cam
Re: Multiclipping
by Bruce Sharpe 10 years ago
You might find this video tutorial helpful. It shows how to use PluralEyes to sync all your clips and then make a single multiclip with black when the cameras were off by creating QuickTime reference
Serial number
by Ceri Allen 11 years ago
Hi I am installing final cut studio 2 on a imac G5 which has all the correct requirements for the software. The installation has completed successfully and final cut plus all the other additional appl
Re: Serial number
by david bogie 11 years ago
You can search for this topic, we've seen it often. Seems to me you will find that you have two copies of the .plist or FCP registration files in at least two different user account or system librarie
FCP Firewire connection
by Ceri Allen 11 years ago
Hi I am using final cut pro 6.0.2 on a G5 mac pro. I am simply trying to playout from a DV-PAL sequence to a mini DV tape using a firewire connected to a sony deck. However final cut is reading the fi
Re: FCP Firewire connection
by Blake Porter 11 years ago
iMovie would recognize the camera (z1u) but not the deck. I tried this in various start-up situations. iMovie would find the Z1u no matter when I hooked it up, but never the deck. "About This Mac" wou
importing an OMF into FCP
by Ceri Allen 11 years ago
Hi Just wondering if it is possible to use an OMF file in final cut pro (I'm on version 6.0.2) I have a sound mix that was created in pro tools that I want to put into final cut with all the channels
Re: importing an OMF into FCP
by hamid shams 9 years ago
Thank you for your answer. I appreciate it.
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