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brainstorm CS4
by Thomas Engelaer 10 years ago
Hey Everytime I try to use Brainstorm in CS4 I get an after effects warning: "invalid surface image". After that I can only quit after effects by using forced quit. Does anybody know where this proble
Re: brainstorm CS4
by Carlos Sosa 10 years ago
I'm having the same problem, I still haven't found a solution but I discovered that pressing ENTER+Scape constantly would make the message on screen dissapear, then at least you won't have to force qu
Sharper edges (german accent??)
by Les Lanphere 12 years ago
I'm watching a great training dvd from 3d fluff on how to make a box modeled remote control. Things are going great but my host, who has a german accent, has instructed me to hold down a key and drag.
Re: Sharper edges (german accent??)
by Carlos Sosa 10 years ago
she is talking about the period key, I couldnt understand her neither. Carlos Sosa Editor Postproductor Casa de la Cultura Ecuatoriana
It won't render....
by Needs real email 12 years ago
hello, I have a pretty beefy project here, 131 layers, none of which can be nested, camera moves and lights. I go to render it, the first 28 frames go, then nothing, it just stops. Any thoughts cheers
Re: It won't render....
by Carlos Sosa 11 years ago
thanx Kevin, the same thing was happen to me, and changing the preferences in that secret place fixed my problem!!!!!Carlos Sosa Editor Postproductor Casa de la Cultura Ecuatoriana
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