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Freelance Editor || Motion Graphics Artist || FCP and AE || Post-Production || VFX.
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September 15th 2009
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Bogotá, Colombia
Maddening render issue
by Tobias Van Kleeck 7 years ago
Hello all, So, I'm attempting render a 2 minute animation that is comprised of some not-particularly-large images for back ground textures and then a bit of type and shape layers. A lot of precomps bu
Re: Maddening render issue
by Carlo Arias 7 years ago
Well, this happened to me a couple of times with a particular animation I was working on. I don't know which step fixed the problem but heres what I did: 1. Quit all apps 2. Delete de AE cache folder
Hi guys, here's my 2013 Reel. Let me know what you think :)
by Carlo Arias 7 years ago
So here it is... I'd apreciate your professional opinion, thanks :) Carlo Arias - Reel 2013 http: 61367957 Carlo Arias Motion Graphics VFX Post +57 1 8060443 +57 320339793
How to copy and paste text attribute?
by Newton Niu 10 years ago
Hi, everyone! I've finished doing all the text for my video, but now I want to change their sizes and positions. I think it is possible that i change one of them, and then paste attributes to others.
Re: How to copy and paste text attribute?
by Carlo Arias 8 years ago
you just saved me a ton of work, thanks man... Carlo Arias Motion Graphics VFX Edit http: (57 1) 4773851 (57) 3203397938 Bogot D.C. - Colombia
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