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We are a small Production Company in Adelaide with 5 full time staff working on a rage of creative projects from Photos to VFX, Video and Large Drones.
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June 3rd 2018
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Canon C200 remote???
by Corey Roberts 4 months ago
I know you can WiFi a remote with your phone but we need a tactile button, and no one seems to be able to help. Had anyone had success finding something and can point me in the right direction
Re: Canon C200 remote???
by Todd Terry 4 months ago
Just did a tiny bit of investigating, and yeah the C200 handgrip will work that way. If you can't get a long off-the-shelf cable that will work (if standard 1 8" stereo connectors aren't exactly right
High End Rendering Solution -Advice?
by Corey Roberts 6 months ago
We have spent many months on testing render farm solutions on different Apple machines and while it was working ive now been convinced to move to PC environment. We are currently running 2x Synology R
Full time VFX Artist + Colorist Roles (2x full time positions avilable)
by Corey Roberts 6 months ago
NOTE_must be located or willing to relocate to Adelaide. CR3 Studio is an Adelaide based full-service production company focused on creative storytelling. We are looking for an experienced colourist w
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