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Bryce Hoover

I edit.
I color correct.
I make motion gfx.
I render.
I don't put to tape anymore.
I export. I upload.
I do/have done work for:
NASCAR, SPEED Channel, INSP, Steelroots TV, Lowes Foods, WFU, Regency Productions, Billy Graham, Agencies
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May 22nd 2002
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Charlotte, NC
Re: 720x486 versus 720x480
by Tucker Lucas 9 years ago
Wasn't looking for personal insults Dave. Was just looking for answers, and thanks for the ones you have given. Obviously, not all of us are masters of our domain. Never be afraid of asking stupid que
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Re: Dissolves not smooth
by Peter Garaway 5 years ago
Hi Jake, You can try going into your Sequence Settings and uncheck "Composite in Linear Color". Hopefully you'll be happy with those results. Peter Garaway Adobe Premiere Pro
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I explained Final Cut X to my wife as...
by Nathan Adam 8 years ago
Approaching a 10 year anniversary with both my wife, and Final Cut Pro, she asked why I was so uncharacteristically out of sorts today. I explained that in our 10 years, Ive spent nearly as many wakin
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Re: I explained Final Cut X to my wife as...
by Alan Okey 8 years ago
Following the analogy, is that to say that those who embrace FCP X are suffering form battered husbands syndrome "FCP X only beats me when I deserve it. It's really nice most of the time, just not whe
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