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Dual core, dual processor, blah blah purchase question help
by Gregg Brent 14 years ago
I have a G5 1.6ghz single processor. The occasional encoding using FlipForMac and exporting from QT to WMV is a bitch! My boss gave go ahead to upgrade. I'm not waiting for intel. Question: Any opinio
Re: Dual core, dual processor, blah blah purchase question help
by Bryan Shelton 14 years ago
If you want to use your machine right away, go with tried and tested. Since none of the Apple apps support multi-threading at this point, dual core vs. single core is a moot point unless you are build
Problem exporting EDL
by Paul Leone 14 years ago
This is a strange problem I have no answer for...I have 5 sequences that I need EDL's printed out for, but sequence 4 will not export. All the others are fine but Sequence 4, nothing! No matter what i
Re: Problem exporting EDL
by Bryan Shelton 14 years ago
If you have any freeze frames which are from a sequence and not from the original media, the edl export fails. It never even warns you that it will fail nor gives you a reason.
HELP - Multiple Framerates
by sammyla 14 years ago
FCP 4.5. Footage is from 4 different sources, and I am trying to combine it all into one sequence. I have footage in: DV-NTSC at 29.97 (from 16mm) DV-NTSC at 29.97 (pulled down from a 24p DV camera) D
Re: HELP - Multiple Framerates
by Bryan Shelton 14 years ago
Though it is time consuming, I would recommend using After Effects to remove your pulldown and render out 23.98 fps QTs. The pulldown removal is cleaner than in Cinema Tools. See: http: www.lafcpug.or
by tomas 14 years ago
If you forget about the difference in price, which system would you choose thanks tomas
FCP vs. Adrenaline, easy choice
by Bryan Shelton 14 years ago
Final Cut Pro, while occasionally hinky and equipped with a woeful Media manager, is perfectly suited to modern digital production methods. I work for a multi-platform animation studio and we could no
SHIFT-F failure
by Kimberly 14 years ago
Working in FCP HD 4.5, various G5s, OSX 10.3.9 on a documentary series... In doing our footage counts the SHIFT-F shortcut to reveal a clip from the timeline in the browser (to determine which bin the
Re: SHIFT-F failure
by Bryan Shelton 14 years ago
From what you wrote I am assuming that you are moving masterclips and timelines back and forth between various projects. If you move a timeline from one project into another all the clips in the timel
Decklink HD Weirdness
by Bryan Shelton 14 years ago
Just installed a Decklink HD Single link card in a brand new dual 2.5 G5 with 4.5GBS of RAM. The card seems to have issues. When playing out of Final Cut, the audio going through the card frequently d
Re: Decklink HD Weirdness
by Bryan Shelton 14 years ago
I am foolish. After additional testing I have found that the visual pop and waver only occurs while playing out DV through Blackmagic NTSC DV video playback. The audio problem only occurs when playing
FCP/Blackmagic Output Problem
by Josh Kirschenbaum 14 years ago
I am using Final Cut Pro HD on a dual 2.5Ghz G5, with a Decklink Dual Link HD card. I am using a fully populated XServe RAID 2Tb array. I am having a frustratingly intermittent problem with "Edit To
Re: FCP/Blackmagic Output Problem
by Bryan Shelton 14 years ago
I had been having a very similar problem at my facility. We are a fully featured facility with 15 FCP stations with Decklink cards, a Symphony, a MC Adrenaline, & a MCX. I regularly and randomly had a
Online stratigy
by Trinity Greer 14 years ago
Hi folks, I am working with a guy and he need me to online a project for him. He is a FCP novice and he has a strange work flow. Instead of pre-=scripting and selecting specific clips he just brings i
Re: The (hopefully) definitive FCP4 Media Consolidation cheat sheet! (WAS Re: Online stratigy)
by Bryan Shelton 14 years ago
While Media Manager can be difficult and is nowhere near as fully functioned as Avid's Media Tool, FCP does have the added ease of having identifiable, searchable media files. Being able to sort and m
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