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motion path
by Tim Garrad 10 years ago
Hi there, I followed aaron's tutorial for creating a motion path in after effects using a photoshop shape. I have four graphics that I want to follow the circular path. At the moment they all start in
Re: motion path
by Bryan Duhnovsky 10 years ago
Well you could just try a different approach. Put a null in the center of your circular path then rotate the null at the correct speed and parent the graphics to the null and then they will all be spi
looping a fire
by Alvin ali 11 years ago
Hey how's it going guys I am making a fire using particle systems 2. I want after the fire has started for it to just keep burning or keep the flame. I followed the particle system loop video tutorial
Re: looping a fire
by Bryan Duhnovsky 11 years ago
By dissolve i mean to animate the opasity of one layer to the other. Animate the opasity of the left layer from 100% to 0% and animate the right layer from 0% to 100. Whent the left layer is keyframed
Motion Graphics Freelancer (good rates)
by Bryan Duhnovsky 11 years ago
If your looking for a freelance motion graphics guy on any project send me an email. I've been a fulltime motion graphic artist for 5 years. Currently working in Baltimore MD. I can use Final Cut pro
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