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Avid filename limit?
by andre delena 5 years ago
Does anyone know how to get around the export file name character limit in Avid MC5 I'm trying to transition from FCP on a 3 year old Mac Pro workstation. We have everything working fine, Avid, Interp
Re: Avid filename limit?
by Bruce Dixon 2 months ago
If the Media Composer export dialog still limits you to 27 characters, try the 'Send To' dialog instead of 'export'. Send to has allowed longer filenames for many years.
MC 8.5.1 Exporting in OS X 10.11 El Capitan
by Darrin Stemple 1 year ago
Hey All, This is my first time posting here, I'm an AE at a small documentary company who recently decided to upgrade a lot of the machines to new Late 2015 iMacs. This was all great and good except t
Re: MC 8.5.1 Exporting in OS X 10.11 El Capitan
by Bruce Dixon 1 year ago
We're having a similar problem with Media Composer 8.5.2. Quicktime custom exports work intermittently. When they work, everything is as expected. When they don't, the export progress bar hangs while
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