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Business and Licensing Specialist at West Virginia Secretary of State and Marketing Coordinator at The Open Door
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January 8th 2014
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$500 to spend....
by Brock Burwell 6 years ago
If you hadn't figured this out from my last few posts, I am pretty new to this whole thing, but I have a pretty good start in regards to equipment. I am going to be a DSLR shooter and I currently have
Re: $500 to spend....
by David Rehm 6 years ago
Agreed. The monitor can wait because you can always get a cheap loupe that works for $20 or $30. David
What would you order
by Brock Burwell 6 years ago
Newbie on a budget here. Just looking for what you would purchase if you were on a budget and in what order. I really want a slider sometime soon and a steadicam at some point. But say you are just st
Re: What would you order
by Nick Griffin 6 years ago
I would say that a camera and good tripod go hand in hand as the starting point. You really can't have just the camera at the beginning. Perhaps later on you'll develop good handheld technique, but th
Constructive Criticism on Video
by Brock Burwell 6 years ago
I'm debating telling you how long I have been doing videos. I just simply want your honest advice on this. I did this video for my church on Sunday and finished editing it on Monday. I would love your
Re: Constructive Criticism on Video
by Brock Burwell 6 years ago
Just finished my first draft of my second video. I have a few things to clean up, but I was wondering what you guys thought of it and what suggestions you would have. Thanks! https: wa
Constructive Criticism
by Brock Burwell 6 years ago
Just curious if you guys could tell me what you think of this video I made for my church. https: watch v=7AS_6Sr2c54&feature=c4-overview&list=UUg-HCKq416fnmHxND_L8KZQ Thanks!
Re: Constructive Criticism
by Rick Wise 6 years ago
Very nicely done. You used your sources well. The message works. Even an atheist like me can appreciate it. Rick Wise Cinematographer San Francisco Bay Area http:
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