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Multiple fcpx bundles growing
by Brian paterson 4 weeks ago
Last week I spent hours and hours going through my videos throwing stuff away that seemed to have generated multiple copies here there and everywhere taking up nearly all of my hard drive and leaving
Accumulating compressor mxf files
by Brian paterson 7 months ago
I have been trying to work out how to use compressor and to be honest it's not the most intuitive programme and things that I wanted to access were not obviously to hand. After many many hours of sear
Re: Accumulating compressor mxf files
by Craig Seeman 7 months ago
Presets couldn't be much more intuitive and there's always the Help menu too. That links to the complete User Guide (manual).
Ten Hour Video
by Brian paterson 7 months ago
I want to post a video to YouTube, of the sea, lasting ten hours, for sleep and relaxation purposes. It will loop every 12 minutes or so and I have spent hours researching the best way to do this. It
Roles and compound clips
by Brian paterson 10 months ago
I am relatively new to FCPX and have been struggling for longer than I care to admit, to make progress having been a former fcp7 user. Bit by bit, kicking and biting it seems I have had no option but
Re: Roles and compound clips
by Jeremy Garchow 10 months ago
Try the "Show Audio Lanes" option which is under the "View" menu. This gathers all clips with the same Role in more organized lanes. Also, compound clips inherit all of the Roles that you put in it. I
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