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exchange plugin c4d - again
by Tielman Dewaele 10 years ago
Hey, Im trying to import a c4d project inside cs4 AE, via the exchange plugin but it doesnt seem to work. I tried cs3 AE and same thing. I downloaded the latest plugin from maxon(witch is for cs3 or l
Re: ONLY my current project doesnt open!!
by Brian Little 9 years ago
Hello, I've been having problems loading aec files from C4D R11.5 as well. I realized that it sometimes worked and sometimes didn't. I noticed that my files sizes were different too. The ones that wor
AE 3D file ..replace?
by Brian Little 10 years ago
I need to know if I have this right. If I render an animation with 'export 3D file' on for composting, then import it into After Effects, I get the camera data and all the nulls, lights, etc. I get th
Re: AE 3D file ..replace?
by Lennart Wåhlin 10 years ago
You can import your new composition into the AE project you have. Then select each old layer and Alt+Drag the new layer (from the project window) on top of the old selected to replace it. Cheers Lenna
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