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Who is Brian Hunt? Simply put I am a digital story-teller using video as my medium.

For the past ten years I have followed my passion for video, giving me the skills to become a video professional. Now my passion is my career.

I specialize in a... [more]
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April 28th 2009
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Ontario Canada / CapeTown South Africa
P2 footage to Digi Beta
by Brian Hunt 10 years ago
I have client that needs the final delivery on Digi beta at 1080 24p I will be shooting on P2 with my HVX200 and was hoping somebody would have some recommendations and the best work flow and how I sh
Re: P2 footage to Digi Beta
by Michael Sacci 10 years ago
I would ask the Post house what they want. What you give them would be determined by what they are using.
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