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I go back to the days of 8 stone Image orthicon tv cameras--pre-zoom, too (flipping around between lenses on a 4-lens turret on Ireland's late late Show back in the '60s). I travelled for many years, then, working with homeless people and the odd tv ... [more]
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July 18th 2010
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Northern Ireland
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Pre-PCI express (P4C800, 3GB RAM, NVidia FX 38000, Storm cap card, 5 varied HDDs, LG DVD burner); upgrade pending
Personal Information:
Gardening and telling stories through video; reading detective mysteries (unashamedly); watching stuff like 'House' and the newer one featuring a nurse (also addicted to painkillers. What's that say about us?).
Favorite Books:
Graham Greene, Agatha Christie, WB Yeats (plays and poetry), James Joyce (Dubliners, Portrait of the Artist as A Young Man),
Favorite Bands / Musicians:
Berlin Philharmonic,
Favorite Movies:
Amarcord, La Nuit Americain, City Lights, Ironweed, The Year of Living Dangerously, Hotel New Hampshire, all Jaques Tati's films, Bladerunner, The Dead (Huston's), Casablanca, Dear Departed, Steel Magnolias, Wings Over Berline, West Side Story,
Favorite TV Shows:
House, Murdoch Files, Monk, Any Questions, Channel 4 News
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