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Can we perhaps hold the triumphalism ...?
by Simon Ubsdell 3 years ago
... until such times as FCP X reaches feature parity wth AVID, or at the very least with FCP 7 which it supplanted. My list is quite long and I won't rehearse it all yet again, but here's a key featur
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Re: Can we perhaps hold the triumphalism ...?
by Brian Chaffee 3 years ago
I really don't frequent CC forums or any others for that matter anymore since they seemed riddled with childish rhetoric quickly rearing it's ugly head that inevitably and usually quite quickly deviat
Is FCP X part of your five year business plan?
by TImothy Auld 5 years ago
Or does anyone have a five year business plan Jeez. Avid (I guess this is my bet) Premiere CC (I don't know about you but i'd really like to see these bastards fall right on their collective face.) Ve
Re: Is FCP X part of your five year business plan?
by Brian Chaffee 5 years ago
OP: The program seems to be awesome. You can get editing right away and work gets done fast. You are working in both a standard editor and a composition program again, getting work done fast. Problem
AE CC and GTX680 Mac Cuda Support
by Greg Jones 6 years ago
I noticed that in AE CC, my NVIDIA GTX680 isn't enabled for Cuda for RayTracing. I thought with CC you didn't have to manually enable this any more. It's not listed under the text file, even though I
Re: AE CC and GTX680 Mac Cuda Support
by Brian Chaffee 6 years ago
Just did the update and AE CC won't work. Have to wonder about you guys. You let updates go out that cause havoc and your only answers are, "Have you tried this, or that " Meanwhile it takes 6-months
Brian Chaffee 6 years ago

Need testers and insight:

For After Effects, Adobe has a list of supported video cards. 4-cards for mac, some 20-cards for windows. So, if you have a video card, that is not on this list, it would seem to say, you do not have a comparable (cuda) video card and thus, AE will not be 'able' to access it, and presumably AE will have only the cpu and the system RAM to utilize.

So here is the question: For either pc/ mac users using a video card(s) that are on Adobe's tested card list: launch AE > tap on AE > tap on Preview > tap on GPU information > tap on Ray-tracing CPU and from that drop down menu, are the letters, GPU grayed out? If it is not, meaning it is accessible, have you tapped on GPU so that AE accesses it?

I know of machine builders and users that are using Titans in pc's and Quadro 5/ 6000 in mac's and yet they are not supported? Have these users checked to see if AE even sees the cards.

It would seem that AE is a CPU and RAM intensive program and the video cards either take on some particular duties while working within the program or are primarily for physical rendering once footage has been added to the render queue.

I was even told by a builder, that whether or not your card is supported, even if the GPU is grayed out, the card is being accessed. So why would there be a door to open, within AE that gives access to the video card?

And interestingly enough, there are two type of renders: the first is a visual render, the second, is the physical render via the queue. Most benchmarks involving machines and gpu's have to do with the latter. And almost no benchmarks regarding working within the program without lag. (Especially in ray-tracing 3D.) I would sacrifice final render times for zero lag within the program, if I had to make a choice.

Thanks everyone in advance. All constructive input wanted.

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