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Playhead is jumpy and bumping
by Breno Bede 2 months ago
Hello there people! Suddenly my playhead in Premiere pro 2019 gets jumpy and bumping all the way to the end of sequence. I have never seen that, ins't that weird So, this happened just after windows 1
HDcam native codec
by Anhtu Vu 9 years ago
Is it possible to capture HDcam and HDcam SR in its native codec for playback I work for a conservation archive facility. One of the main goal is to always broadcast the our archives in its original u
Re: HDcam native codec
by Breno Bede 8 years ago
Is that what you are talking about I found some explanation about working with native hdcam-sr format in Sony site link to sony At the tag "SR-R1 SRMemory recorder", look for: Direct-to-edit NLE and f
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